Grasses and roses are revived, but with a contemporary twist.
Allen Townsend Terrell, an architect turned artist, painted “Summer Flowers,” an East End garden, in 1927. Courtesy Wallace Gallery

Italian minimalism imbues an early 20th-century house
An orange sofa by Piero Lissoni and a love seat and chairs by Le Corbusier provide seating around the coffee table, which the couple built from a wooden container they found in the basement. Durell Godfrey Photo

Leslie Rose Close gave a talk on Sunday afternoon about the history of garden photography.
Mattie Edwards Hewitt captured Anna Gilman Hill at Grey Gardens in the 1920s.

Its 26 houses and some 14 boats were demolished in the 1938 Hurricane
Montauk Library Collecction

A Texas family gave full rein to their architect and designers
Conrad and Josie Goerl’s East Hampton house
Conrad and Josie Goerl’s East Hampton house, a 13,800-square-foot model of green energy and custom design. Durell Godfrey

No longer eschewed, gas fireplaces are showing up in East End houses
Gas fireplaces fit diverse architectural styles and can be large or small. The room above is in the East Hampton Kapp residence.
By Alastair Gordon
The Antler House in Springs
The Antler House in Springs was designed by Andrew Geller in 1968. Andrew Geller Architectural Archive
By Isabel Carmichael
The sitting area faces what had been the front of the church, and a wood-burning stove has taken the place of the lectern. Durell Godfrey