Design that is nontoxic, safe and green, and can still be chic
The designer has stockpiled appropriate fabrics.

An architect plays with perspective
A sunken courtyard off the lower level and cantilevered overhangs off the library and master bedroom, add outdoor living space. Matthew Carbone Photos
Architect Descending a Staircase: Left: Maziar Behrooz in the gallery of the Berty house in Wainscott, a showcase for the couple’s collection of modern and primitive art. Right: The addition, with planted rooftops and playful lines, “hinges itself open,” Mr. Behrooz said, as it departs from the older part of the house, designed by Alfredo De Vido.
Where the original house meets the addition, the architect continued its formal geometry, then slowly let it loosen up.
Marie-Eve Berty in the library.
The lower-level, with a bar by Michael Hastalis, includes a dining area with curved silver and gold-leafed walls.
A portrait of the Bertys’ daughters by Serge Clement hangs in the master bedroom, where sliding doors tuck completely into the walls to let the outside in.
The pool picks up the addition’s geometry; planted roofs can be seen in the foreground.

The gift that keeps on giving

I was awakened by what I was sure was an explosion within the house
The painter matched the front door to one on the oldest house in Bridgehampton. Durell Godfrey Photo

A theme of architecture and landscape in harmony
Fond Fithian in East Hampton Village, above, features plentiful blooms and a mini beach. Durell Godfrey, photos
Fond Fithian in East Hampton Village, above, features plentiful blooms and a mini beach.
The Elizabeth Lear garden has a mix of statuary from Belle Epoque to....
Kenny Scharf's madcap faces.
Andy Sabin's garden features garden statuary as well as more lively and alive features.
Mr. Sabin's goats, a pig, and various fowl add to the farmyard effect of the front portion of his property in Amagansett.
In Bridgehampton, a traditional cottage is set off by orchards and formal flower gardens.
The Bridgehampton garden also features artwork as most of the gardens in the tour do.

Some integrate seamlessly in a perennials garden, while others can cover a wall or trellis, disport gracefully through a tree or shrub, or even act as a large groundcover in sunny places
Clematis Duchess of Albany grows and grows and grows.
Abby Jane Brody Photos

Two boxes with a glass slot between them and a ziggurat layout
Blaze Makoid’s design made ample use of glass and geometry Blaze Makoid
Accordion windows open the living room to a view of the cove.
A view of Upper Sag Harbor Cove out the living room windows.Durell Godfrey
In the bathroom of the master bedroom, it’s like showering outdoors. Durell Godfrey
The entrance way features a wall hanging made from a photo of acorns taken by the couple’s young daughter. A view from the street of the “glass slot.” Durell Godfrey and Blaze Makoid Photos

Brian del Toro Inc. designed the living room. Durell Godfrey, photos
Kemble Interiors was responsible for the master bedroom and its sitting area.
The formal dining room by Lillian August.
In this bedroom, Barbara Page channeled her college-age daughter to come up with a room she would want to come home to.
The family room, designed by Sherrill Canet Interiors, channels some Palm Beach fabulousness.
"The Keeping Room" with its orrery-style lamp was designed by Patricia Fisher Design.

A Shelter Island artist transformed an “unapologetic” industrial space
After sunset on a recent evening, the camera glimpsed the hut through the raindrops Carrie Ann Salvi
John Pagliaro welcomed a recent visitor.Carrie Ann Salvi
Carrie Ann Salvi
The spherical and canoe-shaped lamps in the bedroom and living areas are his own creations. Carrie Ann Salvi
The artist made a driftwood base for the glass-top table in the living area, where artwork and lamps of his design can be seen.Carrie Ann Salvi
Beach glass and a doll’s head are finds. A taxidermist’s cougar eyes fit into a ceramic animal skull.Carrie Ann Salvi

Filled With More Than 250 Years of History
This photo was taken in the spring of 1900. The last cattle-keeper, Ulysses Payne, is in the buggy, and Nellie, Betsy, Edward, Elias, and Mildred Payne are on the front porch. Montauk Library/Richard T. Gilmartin Collection.
The Kennedys’ 20th century furniture and flooring are still in the living room. The front hall’s curved staircase, said to have been built by a ship’s carpenter, climbs steeply to the second floor. A member of a long-ago family left this patchwork behind.Durell Godfrey
Cast-iron pots and kettles would have been in use 250 years ago. A kitchen stove was hauled to Montauk for the Kennedys. The main room, the oldest part of the house, is no longer the kitchen but a simple table is set with plates and utensils for the next meal. Durell Godfrey
The master bedroom was redecorated in 1990 for Victoria magazine. The nursery has an antique crib and cradle and its windows face the ocean. A hoop dress, now devoid of cloth, hangs above an early 20th century sewing machine.Durell Godfrey
The privet arch, which was about to be trimmed, and a brick path lead visitors toward the museum’s entrance at the back of the house. Rose bushes climb the side of the house as part of the south garden. The rose garden can be seen from a window in the long main room.Durell Godfrey