Meticulously restored, a 19th-century house has retaken its place in architectural history.
“The project evolved from a simple renovation to really understanding what the house was,” said Marsha Soffer, who oversaw the restoration of the 1891 Charles H. Adams house. Durell Godfrey

Fueled by the sun and energy efficient. By Don Matheson
The south side of Don and Tori Matheson’s house in Springs is seen with awnings deployed for shade, above, and retracted for full sun, inset. Carl Alan Smith
A view of the Arc House from the driveway shows the original design with the flat-roofed sleeping quarters behind it. Matthew Carbone

Mark Wilson of Wilsonville surrounded by items from the Amagansett store, including a portrait of an unknown baseball player. Durell Godfrey
There was no one room, though, where the whole family could fit
The facade and original rooms of the 233-year-old Stafford Hedges house remain intact although it has been expanded at back. At right, a small sun room was added by previous owners. Durell Godfrey