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Virva Hinnemo adopted cardboard as her primary material last summer
Virva Hinnemo with “Two Things,” one of her recent large-scale paintings on cardboard Morgan McGivern
Virva Hinnemo’s application of broad, sweeping brushstrokes to found cardboard is highlighted in “Giant.”
Virva Hinnemo's "Twin Thought" makes use of a guitar box.

“The Man in the Ceiling,” the musical, is near enough to completion to be publicly aired in a reading on May 1 at 3 p.m. at Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor
“I hope to see it in a New York theater before my 90th birthday,” Jules Feiffer said of the musical version of “The Man in the Ceiling,” his 1993 novel. “I’m 87.” Morgan McGivern

A brief, lively, and remarkably complete survey of the best and most important breakthroughs and highlights of the artist’s career
Drawn wholly from its permanent collection, the Museum of Modern Art’s Jackson Pollock survey includes works from the entire career of the artist. Paintings include, left, “Gothic,” from 1944, right, “Full Fathom Five,” an early drip painting from 1947, and below, “The Flame,” from about 1934 to 1938 Pollock-Krasner Foundation/ Artists Rights Society, New York
"Landscape with Steer," a lithograph with airbrushed enamel additions is dated to around 1936-37. Pollock-Krasner Foundation/ Artists Rights Society, New York
A sheet from a sketchbook with animal drawings in gouache and ink on paper dates from 1942.Pollock-Krasner Foundation/ Artists Rights Society, New York

Playing at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett tomorrow at 8 p.m
Roses Grove Band, featuring, from left, Charles Gallanti, Jon (Hondo) Weissberg, Brian LeClerc, and Ben Chaleff, will perform music of the Grateful Dead tomorrow at the Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett.

A substantial body of ceramic sculpture that reflects a ceaselessly inquiring mind and a thirst for experimentation with different materials and techniques
At home in Northwest Woods, Setha Low paused for a moment of respite between her two busy careers. Morgan McGivern
Left, elements of the female body are faintly suggested in Setha Low’s “Unwrapped Raku.” Both “Disco Dancer,” center, and “Ruffled Blue”, right, resemble breastplates or body armor. In its use of shiny, colorful glazes, “Ruffled Blue” is something of a departure for Dr. Low, who prefers matte finishes.

The inventor of the Solarplate process and director of Hampton Editions Ltd
Dan Welden examined a portfolio of Solarplate prints in his mezzanine studio in Noyac. Mark Segal
Dan Welden looked out from his second-floor balcony. Its curved railing is supported by hand-twisted branches. Mark Segal
“Night Invitation” reveals some of the expressive possibilities of Solarplate printmaking.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening of musical theater
Classic “South Pacific” songs like “There Is Nothing Like a Dame” are infectious in their handling by cast members including Richard Gardini, center, at the Southampton Cultural Center. Dane Dupuis

Irina Ourusoff is an artist from East Hampton who formerly worked as a translator for the United Nations
Irina Ourusoff has become an artist in her retirement, and has now added building dollhouses to her repertoire. She builds them from scratch, decorates them just as an interior designer would design a real-life house, and fills them with handmade furniture, below. Durell Godfrey

A.M. Homes has been selected for a lifetime achievement award in the literary arts by the Guild Hall Academy of the Arts
A.M. Homes signed copies of her novel “May We Be Forgiven” at the East Hampton Library’s Authors Night in 2013. Durell Godfrey

“Lindsay Morris: You Are You,” will open at the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill on March 13
Lindsay Morris opened a copy of “You Are You” to “I Am,” an image of a camper posing for a portrait before a fashion show. The enlargement at right will be included in a Parrish Art Museum exhibition. Morgan McGivern
A camper plays leapfrog with his father in “Foothold,” an image from “You Are You.” Lindsay Morris