Lead Food

It is a scientific fact that our taste memory is our strongest, stronger than sight, sound, and smell
Broccoli with Cheetos Laura Donnelly
Broccoli in a cheesy cream sauce topped with Cheetos is a popular (and delicious) fall menu item at the restaurant Park Avenue in New York City. Laura Donnelly

The Everyman of fruit
The old adage “One bad apple spoils the rest” is actually true. Choose apples that are unblemished, fragrant, and firm. And if making crust or strudel dough seems intimidating, feel free to cheat and buy them premade. Laura Donnelly

The Service Station serves up reasonably priced drinks and grub in what was formerly Nichol’s and, even earlier, an actual service station. Morgan McGivern

A WLIW21 Metrofocus feature
While the kids loved the horses in the neighbor’s field, adults nibbled on farm fresh crudités and other treats from Lombardi’s Love Lane Market in Mattituck during the Slow Food panel and screening in Amagansett on Saturday afternoon. Jennifer Landes Photos

If you want to save some of the glorious corn, tomatoes, herbs, and more to enjoy throughout the winter, you need to get cracking
A vegetable tian is a delicious way to use summer vegetables, and it can be frozen for a taste of warmer days in the dead of winter. Laura Donnelly

An atmosphere of jollity and camaraderie
Frank Burnes and Kevin Truex enjoyed the wine and dinner at Estia’s Little Kitchen in Sag Harbor on Sunday. Morgan McGivern

If your child is fortunate enough to have cooking facilities in his dorm or apartment, here is a simple primer to get him started
Ribollita Laura Donnelly
With a few simple tools and techniques, any young adult on his or her own for the first time can learn to cook meals like okonomiyaki.Laura Donnelly

Zigmund’s is the new establishment on the Bridgehampton-Sag Harbor Turnpike where Fresh had been for the last few years
Zigmund’s bar was empty the night our reviewer and photographer arrived, but it was still a “festive and tasty experience.” Morgan McGivern Photos

Eggplants can be tricky to store and prepare
Eggplant is best eaten a couple of days after harvesting and gets bitter the longer it sits out. It should be stored at 50 degrees for best results. Carissa Katz

Grey Lady East has taken over Harbor’s space on West Lake Drive in Montauk
Grey Lady East has taken over Harbor’s space on West Lake Drive in Montauk. Morgan McGivern