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The service on the night of our visit was impeccable
The 1770 House in East Hampton has several dining options, indoors or outdoors, and “two adorable smiling hostesses” — Ingrid Pizarro and Katherine Sequero. Morgan McGivern Photos
Eating outside by the fountain is one of the many ways diners can enjoy themselves at the 1770 House. Morgan McGivern

It walks the walk
Cletus McKeown presides over the bar and much more as the owner of North Sea Tavern and Raw’r Bar. Morgan McGivern
Heirloom tomatoes and burrata is one of the North Sea Tavern and Raw’r Bar’s complicated but delicious small plates. Morgan McGivern

Not very classy
The Backyard restaurant at Solé East in Montauk was empty because everyone wanted to eat by the pool. Morgan McGivern

Dandelion wine, cymlings, salsify, divinity cream, quince, sorghum, smothered rabbit, watermelon rind pickles, and Tyler pie
Southern food from a century ago, served in a spacious house in Sag Harbor, reminded diners of the hard lives of freed slave families farming their own land in Virginia. Laura Donnelly

The first restaurant on Long Island connected to a winery
Wolffer Kitchen’s ambitious menu and industrial-chic decor made The Star’s food writer grateful to live in Sag Harbor. Morgan McGivern

While researching picnic and boating excursion options I was appalled at some of the suggestions
A cold pasta salad with corn, tomato, croutons, and cheese is portable and delicious. Laura Donnelly

Circo Southampton is situated where Delmonico’s resided briefly and where Savannah’s reigned for years
Circo’s vegetable lasagna features rich, homemade noodles. Laura Donnelly
Even on a hot night, the breezy patio at Southampton’s Circo is a popular dining option. Morgan McGivern

We began our meal with shrimp shumai, rock shrimp wraps, gyoza, daikon salad, and braised short rib

Canapés, hors d’oeuvres, tapas, mezze, zakuski, bocas, pinchos, anju, smorgasbord
Little bites of food are served with drinks to act both as a blotter to absorb alcohol and to stimulate the appetite. Laura Donnelly

Now Osteria Salina has moved into a larger space in Wainscott
The beautiful rooms at Osteria Salina’s new location on Georgica Pond go on and on. Morgan McGivern
Osteria Salina offers an expensive but fun evening in a beautiful setting with rustic, gutsy food. Morgan McGivern