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Is it worth it? You bet!
Jan and Jerry McKeon, Richard and Caron Schoen, and Louise and John Sasso, from left, enjoyed a recent dinner at Dopo la Spiaggia in East Hampton. Durell Godfrey
Although the Norman Jaffe-designed interior remains intact, the decor has been lightened and updated with dramatic lighting and gray-painted grasscloth on the walls. Durell Godfrey

The granola clusters are the recent culmination of almost two decades of health-oriented cooking for spas, ashrams, and private clients
Renée McCormack, an East Hampton native, initially developed FoodFitness Granola Clusters as a nutritious snack for her children.

Super Bowl Sunday is a great excuse to make lots and lots of food, from easy-to-pick-up finger foods to big pots of chili or stew
Chili with all the fixings Laura Donnelly

The eating habits of presidents and presidential hopefuls has been a fascination of mine for many decades
Renee Comet; Wikimedia Commons

“The End.”
Stone crab claws start at $33 per pound in Key West and are classified as large, jumbo, and colossal. Below, Crustacean taxidermy was featured at the Key West Seafood Festival. Laura Donnelly Photos
Pink shrimp are more tender and sweet than brown, white, or rock shrimp and have a very limited season. They are only available in the Florida Keys.
Fish tacos are made with different varieties of fish in the Keys including the grouper tacos pictured here.

I love it so much I tell my friends not to come here
The urinal from the old Sloppy Joe’s has found a place in the Hemingway garden. Laura Donnelly
Grilled shrimp on a skewer with sliced chorizo and garlic sauce is served at Santiago’s Bodega in Key West. Laura Donnelly Photos
Key lime pie

The road from therapist to entrepreneur is not as unlikely as it might at first seem
Bryan, left, measured ingredients. Robert portioned gingersnaps. Shirley Ruch Photos
Collier, left, and Leftheri enjoyed hands-on work in the bakery’s kitchen. Shirley Ruch Photos

The Unites States Department of Agriculture’s economic office has estimated between 30 and 40 percent of the entire food supply in the U.S. is wasted every year
Above, Colin Ambrose of Estia’s Little Kitchen shows off cooked shrimp shells. Below, Jason Weiner of Almond displays scallop feet, mushroom powder, and pickled vegetables. Christine Sampson
Jason Weiner of Almond Restaurant incorporates food such as pickled green beans and peppers as well as sauces such as salsa and sriracha made from produce that would otherwise probably have been thrown away. He also uses mushroom powder and the often-overlooked tough bits of scallops, called scallop feet, to add flavor to various dishes. Christine Sampson
Colin Ambrose of Estia's Little Kitchen takes the shells of raw shrimp, like the ones pictured at left, and roasts them in the oven until they are pink, shown at right, to use as a base for a light fish stock. Christine Sampson

Liz Zaccaria and Renee Akkala, old friends who live in Montauk, had enjoyed picking beach plums and foraging for other local fruit together for many years.
Liz Zaccaria and Renee Akkala will deliver customized gift baskets from Montauk to East Hampton.
East End fruit is often jazzed up with ingredients such as habanero peppers and bourbon.

The buche de Noel or Yule log, is a traditional French Christmas cake shaped and decorated to look like a log
A buche de Noel or Yule log is a French dessert made of sponge cake and buttercream rolled and decorated to look like a log. Mathieu MD/Wikicommons
The Yule log can be adorned with meringue mushrooms, and the ends can be sliced at angles to resemble cut branches. ChuKat600 at English Wikipedia