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The craft of mixology
A glo-sour made with turmeric-infused gin. Laura Donnelly
Kyle Fengler’s Unrest in the City is a perfect holiday drink if your idea of holidays is “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Nonetheless, it tastes delicious. Laura Donnelly Photos

A new business venture on Foster Farm in Sagaponack is turning produce into vodka
Dean Foster, right, and Matt Beamer’s Sagaponacka vodka is designed to showcase the flavor of East End produce. Jamie Bufalino
Mr. Foster’s sister Marilee helped design the brand’s bottle. Paul Jones

Just what exactly is the Impossible Burger?
Ed Lightcap, a chef at Rowdy Hall, displayed the five-pound block of “impossible” meat-like substance now being served as a special at the restaurant. Laura Donnelly
The Impossible Burger, at right, seen next to its real beef counterpart at Rowdy Hall in East Hampton last week. Laura Donnelly
The burger meat, which was taken home and cooked to see how it measured up to the restaurant experience, passed the clean plate test with the reviewer's dog, Tutto.Laura Donnelly

Mama Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish
Craig Claiborne's cranberry relish recipe continues to get a boost from a long held misconception that it was the recipe of a public radio personality's mother. Laura Donnelly
In the L.V.I.S. 60th anniversary cookbook, Mrs. Stuyvesant Wainwright suggests accompanying her Chicken a la Mowry with a “spinach ring filled with small beets.” Laura Donnelly

A celebration that originated with the Aztecs of central Mexico
Decorations for Dia de los Muertos at La Fondita in Amagansett Eric Striffler
Although tamales are a traditional Mexican Day of the Dead food, some diners may enjoy whatever is on the menu at their favorite Mexican joint, like these duck tacos. Laura Donnelly

Holiday season is upon us
Richard Brennan helped in the kitchen by making billionaire’s bacon and zucchini chips. Laura Donnelly

The following three cakes are so easy and so good, you are going to cut them out and keep them forever
Mimi Thorisson’s Everyday Pear Cake is a rustic fall dessert option. Laura Donnelly

If you’re going to cook with pumpkin, you should know that our very own Long Island cheese pumpkin is the best
There’s more under the sun than pumpkin. Jennifer Landes
Once an appetite for pumpkin has been sated, it’s time to explore the whole wide world of winter squash out there, including this display at Balsam Farms in Amagansett. Jennifer Landes

Here are some of your choices, all within blocks of the Southampton Cinema at 43 Hill Street
The Job’s Lane Gastro Pub in Southampton opens its doors to the street and Agawam Park on warm days. Laura Donnelly
The Job’s Lane bruschetta at the Job’s Lane Gastro Pub is one of the best our food critic has ever had.
The Job’s Lane Salad features goat cheese, portobello mushrooms, pine nuts, and mixed greens. Laura Donnelly Photos

Sometimes food is just a prop in a movie; sometimes it becomes the star
Some of the pies Laura Donnelly concocted for the film “Waitress,” for which she taught Keri Russell how to roll out pie dough like a pro. Laura Donnelly
The timpano gets its big reveal in the film “Big Night,” with Stanley Tucci, left, and Tony Shalhoub.