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Anthony Bourdain Durell Godfrey
A table set for bun cha, or Vietnamese pork patties, with sauce, garnishes, noodles, and lettuce. Laura Donnelly Photos

Food is the bond that connects us to family, friends, places, and experiences

Rhubarb probably originated in China several thousands of years ago
Use a glass pan for a strawberry rhubarb pie so you can check the bottom of the crust. It is also a good idea to watch it carefully and have something in the oven below the pan to catch the sticky overflow juices. Laura Donnelly

Something old is new again on the restaurant scene
After many years and various occupants, the Quiet Clam has returned to its original spot on Montauk Highway in East Hampton. Matthew Charron
“The mushroom pizza was tasty, with lots of mushrooms, some goat cheese, and not too much truffle oil,” our reviewer writes.Laura Donnelly
The Caesar salad at East Hampton's Quiet Clam has shaved fresh corn on it. Right, the “hilarious and good” rainbow cake was sprinkled with pink and purple sugar crystals, little wafer hearts, and a big blob of whipped cream. Laura Donnelly

The difference between a lobster roll and a lobster salad roll
A lobster roll from the Clam Bar Laura Donnelly

Upscale and eclectic takeout
Expect lots of exotic fermented and pickled foods at the new L&W Market in Bridgehampton.

Ramps are a wild leek with a hint of garlic
Ramps, which grow on hills and mountainsides and have a long and complicated germination process, are exceedingly rare and available only during a three-to-four-week period in spring. @motocreative
Ramp kimchi, as imagined by Chef Jeremy BlutsteinJeremy Blutstein

Muddle some spearmint in bourbon in preparation for that most deadly of cocktails, the mint julep
A Kentucky “hot brown” sandwich, above, often follows a day or night of drinking the bourbon-heavy mint juleps seen in the background. Laura Donnelly

The flavor of avocados has been described as buttery, rich, and nutty
Avocados are often best prepared simply, with salt and an acid like lime juice. Tom Scheerer

The craft of mixology
A glo-sour made with turmeric-infused gin. Laura Donnelly
Kyle Fengler’s Unrest in the City is a perfect holiday drink if your idea of holidays is “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Nonetheless, it tastes delicious. Laura Donnelly Photos