Lead Food

How wild is your game?
Jeremy Blutstein, the chef de cuisine at Almond restaurant in Bridgehampton, prepared venison for roasting with rosemary, garlic, and more. Jeremy Blutstein
Black ducks may not be to everyone’s liking, but A.J. Liebling, the writer and gourmand who for many years had a house in Springs, considered them among the finest game birds for the table.David E. Rattray

The guacamole, chips, and salsas at Mercado in Bridgehampton Laura Donnelly

Losing weight is the top resolution of Americans every year
A fruit crisp, this one featuring peaches and apples, can be lightened up with less sugar and fat and still taste delicious. Laura Donnelly
Vitello tonnato, an Italian dish traditionally of veal and tuna, loses little of its luxuriousness when made instead with turkey. Laura Donnelly

New Year’s Eve has been celebrated around the world for more than four millenniums.
Oysters Rockefeller make an elegant New Year’s Eve appetizer. Laura Donnelly
Fast, funny games like Smart Mouth and Mad Libs can enliven a big party, especially with a side of bubbly. Laura Donnelly

Just what exactly is the Impossible Burger?
Ed Lightcap, a chef at Rowdy Hall, displayed the five-pound block of “impossible” meat-like substance now being served as a special at the restaurant. Laura Donnelly
The Impossible Burger, at right, seen next to its real beef counterpart at Rowdy Hall in East Hampton last week. Laura Donnelly
The burger meat, which was taken home and cooked to see how it measured up to the restaurant experience, passed the clean plate test with the reviewer's dog, Tutto.Laura Donnelly

Enhancing special occasions and cold weather
The lamb in winter, served with carrot salad and couscous, is smelly but satisfying. Laura Donnelly

A charming, cozy spot, neat as a pin, and friendly as can be
Cynthia and John Kaufmann sampled a pulled pork slider and a veggie burger at the Springs Tavern. Durell Godfrey
Chef Michael Ruggiero of the Springs Tavern serves up superb casual pub grub in a cozy, charming setting, the kind of place anyone would want to have in the neighborhood. Durell Godfrey

Mama Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish
Craig Claiborne's cranberry relish recipe continues to get a boost from a long held misconception that it was the recipe of a public radio personality's mother. Laura Donnelly
In the L.V.I.S. 60th anniversary cookbook, Mrs. Stuyvesant Wainwright suggests accompanying her Chicken a la Mowry with a “spinach ring filled with small beets.” Laura Donnelly

A celebration that originated with the Aztecs of central Mexico
Decorations for Dia de los Muertos at La Fondita in Amagansett Eric Striffler
Although tamales are a traditional Mexican Day of the Dead food, some diners may enjoy whatever is on the menu at their favorite Mexican joint, like these duck tacos. Laura Donnelly

Holiday season is upon us
Richard Brennan helped in the kitchen by making billionaire’s bacon and zucchini chips. Laura Donnelly