Lead Food

The best of the best
Much-loved recipes can often look like a favorite stuffed toy or blanket: frayed at the edges, faded, and stained. Laura Donnelly

Spend the day immersed in clammy activities
Some of the clams offered at the Largest Clam Contest on Sunday. Morgan McGivern
Why not end a day devoted to clams at Bostwick’s, for more in the form of fried clam bellies? Laura Donnelly

Make a checklist and timeline
If a friend or relative makes the best Brussels sprouts dish, by all means have them bring it for Thanksgiving. That goes for desserts and breads, and wines for those with a good nose and cellar. Laura Donnelly

The atmosphere at the last market was festive and panicky at the same time
Braised red cabbage Pennsylvania-style Laura Donnelly

This is probably the most expensive restaurant out here
The Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton is still the place to go for special occasions and the 1-percenters. Morgan McGivern
The weekend brought a family-friendly vibe to the Topping Rose House.Morgan McGivern

The Pike Place Market is a publicly owned national historic district that supports local farmers, small businesses, and fishermen from the area
Seattle’s Pike Place Market is not just for seafood, it also has a great bounty of fresh fungi. Laura Donnelly

“Seasons in the Springs Cookbook”
Ethel Henn and her husband, Bob, gathered in their kitchen for a picture with their cookbook. Durell Godfrey

Via del Mare took over the Mirko’s space a month ago
Marco Barilla is the executive chef and Sarah Bellissimo is the general manager at Via del Mare. Morgan McGivern
Sarah Bellissimo, the general manager Via del Mar, checks in with diners on Saturday night. Morgan McGivern Photos
Food at Via del Mar, which took over the Water Mill space once occupied by Mirko’s, is expensive.

Sant Ambroeus plays different roles throughout the day
Sant Ambroeus plays different roles throughout the day, from coffee in the morning to lunch and dinner, and gelato afterward. Morgan McGivern

Cauliflower is a member of the cabbage family, along with kale, Brussels sprouts, and kohlrabi
Making cauliflower “pizza crust” creates quite a mess. Jennifer Landes