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Joanne Pilgrim

The new laws would ban helicopter flights from noon on Thursday to noon on Monday from May 1 to Sept. 30.

Jason Lee leaves Suffolk County Court flanked by his attorneys, including Edward Burke Jr., right. T.E. McMorrow

Bay scallops fresh from a South Fork harbor David E. Rattray

The former East Deck Motel is in a resort zone. T.E. McMorrow

A blowup leprechaun crowd-surfed along the parade route.Janis Hewitt
A group that practices Falun Dafa, which means "Dharma Wheel," a Chinese spiritual discipline for mind and body, marched in the parade.Morgan McGivern
There was bound to be some kind of "50 Shades of Grey" reference in the parade.Morgan McGivern
George Watson, husband of the grand marshal and owner of The DockCarissa Katz
Montauk parade route selfies Morgan McGivern
Janis Hewitt
Morgan McGivern
The Camp Soulgrow floatCarissa Katz
Carissa Katz

Photos by Craig Macnaughton

With a new management plan released on Monday, the state has tempered its call for a complete eradication of the mute swan in New York by 2025. Dell Cullum

A screenshot of the Montauk Manor's website on Saturday evening.