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It’s big and pink and neighbors don’t like it
A phallic sculpture by the late Franz West has appeared at the edge of a Montauk bluff. Hampton Pix

$25,000 offer follows public beach possibility

Drainage basin on ag land lacked proper permits
Work on a drainage basin being built by East Hampton Town was halted when Suffolk officials learned the work was being done on farmland over which the county owns development rights. David E. Rattray

Increasing crowds putting old privileges at risk
Vehicles on the beach along the Three Mile Harbor channel, and other areas in their jurisdiction, will continue, the East Hampton Town Trustees said this week, despite a town board discussion about potentially limiting access. David E. Rattray

Indian Wells takeover; taxis, Twitter blamed
August, 2011, Indian Wells Beach, Amagansett
The beach party started modestly in summer, 2011, but has grown in popularity and numbers and drawn the ire of some residents. Durell Godfrey

The owners believed they had contracted for large family reunions
Barred from re-entering an Oceanview Lane, Amagansett, house, after allegedly running several huge parties there, Lee Hnetinka, second from the right, returned with security guards and lawyers in an attempt to regain access.

Civil disobedience did not bring back the haul seine
East Hampton baymen and supporters, including, from left, the singer Billy Joel, Arnold Leo of the town Baymen’s Association, and East Hampton Town Supervisor Tony Bullock, protested state conservation laws. Doug Kuntz

Planning board favors a town buy to head off Oakview Highway subdivision
Neighbors, from left, John and Regina Whitney, Nanci LaGarenne, Paula Weidmann, Dan Weidmann, Steve Cohen, and Dana Kalbacher, hope to prevent the development on Oakview Highway. T.E. McMorrow

Neighbors seek planning review for the Dunes
The Dunes, a new inpatient drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation facility on Bull Run in Northwest, has drawn the ire of neighbors, who object to what they say is a commercial operation on a residential parcel of land. David E. Rattray