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Restaurant owners will seek new home for their down-home Montauk eatery
O’Murphy’s Pub closed for good on Saturday after its owners, Jan and Chester Kordasz, front right, decided that they could not afford a pending rent increase. Janis Hewitt

Michael Heller/East Hampton Fire Department
Michael Heller/East Hampton Fire Department

Delay in bid review could push Army Corps construction to the fall
Footprints made of snow led to the beach in Montauk, where a massive United States Army Corps of Engineers sandbag erosion-control project is planned. T.E. McMorrow

The tags in this deer's ears indicate that it was sterilized as part of the first phase of East Hampton Village's program. Doug Kuntz

Volunteer crew helped get expectant mom to hospital in nick of time
The labor was difficult, but so far, Cortland John Marchese has been an easy baby, his mother said. Diana Balnis

Craig Macnaughton

From left, Josh Lamison, Charles Manning Jr., and Tylik Furman check out the plaque commemorating their win. Jack Graves

"Confessing past sins and using as a guiding light the good book that is the East Hampton Town Code"
Gordon Ryan finally has the crown. Morgan McGivern
Randy Leland, chainsaw in hand, showed the crowd some skin.Morgan McGivern
Telly Karoussos had them swooning.Morgan McGivern
Town Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc, last year's winner, performed as Freddie Frostbite. Note the snow-shovel handle on his guitar.Morgan McGivern
And the crowd went wild. . . .Morgan McGivern
Nick Kraus, a past winner, left, watched as Mike Davis made one of several returns to the stage, each time in a different guise.Morgan McGivern
Bill Mott made a bid for the crown.Morgan McGivern

Jason Lee, right, with a member of his legal team, outside of State Supreme Court in Riverside on Friday. Mr. Lee is expected to stand trial in on 2013 rape allegations beginning in April. T.E. McMorrow

Shots were fired in the Hillside Drive West area of Sag Harbor Village on Tuesday night during an armed robbery. Morgan McGivern