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Claim project would be on public property
The East Hampton Town Trustees have sued the town zoning board of appeals over its decision to allow a sea wall to be built in front of a house owned by Christiane Lemieux and Joshua Young at Lazy Point, Amagansett. David E. Rattray

Unexpectedly bad northeaster pummeled shore
Concrete “rings” placed in front of the Royal Atlantic Resort after Hurricane Sandy and a subsequent storm and long-buried metal fence stakes were exposed by last week’s destructive northeaster. Russell Drumm

Morgan McGivern

Napeague restaurant wants more parking
The owner of Cyril's, a traffic-stopping hot spot, has asked East Hampton Town to change the property’s zoning from a residential to commercial classification. David E. Rattray

Successes, shortcomings, and lessons learned
Dell Cullum

Town and Country sends agent to Beijing
James Geo, an agent with Town and Country Real Estate, attended the Luxury Properties Showcase, held earlier this month in Beijing, China.

In Montauk on Friday water continued to drain from low-lying areas back toward the ocean. Morgan McGivern

A volunteer checked the health of a Queens woman left in a precarious situation by Hurricane Sandy.

It goes without saying that the shoreline suffered and was changed throughout
These Lazy Point vacation houses, already exposed by erosion, were left in a far more precarious position by Hurricane Sandy.

Accident site, Amagansett
Flowers left alongside Main Street in Amagansett, where John Judge, 61, was stuck and killed in a hit-and-run accident Tuesday night. David E. Rattray