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Organizers sue, saying review was improper

Couple must remove sculpture by Sept. 15
Vered showed photographs of a service-station canopy proposed for elsewhere in the village that she felt was far more distasteful than the “Legs” sculpture, below, that she and her partner, Janet Lehr, must take down. Carrie Ann Salvi

Old Plitt Ford Building
Whole Foods will be taking up residence, at least for this summer, in the commercial heart of Wainscott. Morgan McGivern

From a new town trustee, the long view on erosion and beach access rights
Nat Miller was elected to serve as a town trustee in November
Nat Miller was elected to serve as a town trustee in November. He recently spoke about the importance of the 350-year-old government body in the age of sea-level rise. Russell Drumm

Mick Hargreaves' full recovery lead him and his band to the Stephen Talkhouse stage in Amagansett.
Mick Hargreaves practiced in his studio with members of his band, the King Guys, last weekend. Carrie Ann Salvi

East Hampton spending above average

Town permit would set new occupancy limits
A town law limiting the number of people allowed to congregate outside restaurants and bars like Cyril’s, above, could be put in place by the summer. Morgan McGivern

Thiele law would let towns enact bans

‘Reasonable’ restrictions may be within reach

East Hampton isn’t for sale, mayor insists
David E. Rattray