Lee H. Skolnick, left, one of the architects for the renovation, talked with Ben Krupinski, whose construction firm donated the work, at a sneak preview on March 2. Durell Godfrey
What was once part of the Bargain Books shops is now given over to decorative housewares and knickknacks Durell Godfrey
Paul Vogel was an early customer on opening day at the Bargain Box last week.Durell Godfrey
Anne Thomas, right, the president of the L.V.I.S., showed local officials, including East Hampton Town Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez, the refurbished space.Durell Godfrey
Ready for springDurell Godfrey

From here to serenity
Dayna Winter and Marc Schultz and their daughter, Maya, of Amagansett have been charmed by Nicaragua’s Pacific coastline. Courtesy of Marc Schultz
Verdad, a yoga and fitness retreat in Costa Dulce, Nicaragua, sits 300 feet above secluded Playa Escameca, also known for its world-class surfing. David Osborne

Clockwise from top left, Kendall Van Zelst, Perri Wolfman, Abbi Newthaler, and EileenChristmas Durell Godfrey
Eunice Chung, left, and Natalia Ristich, right, and, yes, that's an owl on her hat.Durell Godfrey
Rachael Duell, left, and Cathleen Springer, rightDurell Godfrey
Ellie Thompson, left, Lynn Donohue, center, and Ruth FoleyDurell Godfrey
Quinneth Rutigliano, left, and Clifford ClarkeDurell Godfrey
Aubrienne Krysiewitz-Bell, left, and Durell GodfreyDurell Godfrey
Daisy Dohanos, left, and Kris SuarezDurell Godfrey

A January Maidstone Club Wedding, Nina Walker Wainwright and Delos Walker Wainwright of East Hampton

Social media have created a new wedding dimension
Even a bride can’t go unplugged for long. Renee Tobiassen took a moment to check in as she got ready for the wedding. Alison Conklin Photography
Finding a wedding guest without a cellphone camera in hand is a rarity. This guest pulled double duty, managing two iPhones at once. Cappy Hotchkiss Photography
The bride, Renee Tobiassen, and her family posed on the dance floor for a photo taken with the help of a selfie stick. The photo was immediately posted to Instagram. Alison Conklin Photography
Every step of a wedding, for some couples, can be found on Instagram. One of Renee Tobiassen’s favorite photos was taken by her husband’s stepmother and posted using the couple’s wedding hashtag. When bride-to-be Caroline McGintee found herself engaged, she announced it to all her friends at once with a picture of the ring. Instagram