engagement of  Katherine Lombardi to Steven Dunlop

Olivia McMaster was married on Oct. 17 to Sean Sullivan

Yonke and Geissler Wed in Amagansett

Kaspar Trebein Heinrici and Alexandra Rose Marilse Filippelli of Dallas were married on the windy afternoon of Sept. 26 at Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett.

Greg Unis, Brooke Shields, and David Kratz Durell Godfrey Photos
Emily Post
Annette and Matt Lauer
Claudette Darrell and Dawn Todd
Georgina Bloomberg and her son, Jasper Quintana
Jessica McDermott
The air-kissing friends Lee Fryd and Colleen Rein
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Michael Bloomberg and Diana Taylor
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Pop-up urban area but no pop-up urban system
Hard numbers are difficult to come by, but one source is the New York State Department of Transportation, which has detailed traffic counts for Route 27, the main road into and out of the area, going back several years. Durell Godfrey