Claire Kunzeman is one of the youngest students to have enrolled in the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, a comedy school in New York City. Christine Sampson

Spring, spring, spring!
Peepers peeping, and garter snakes, below, are emerging from a winter’s sleep. Spring is upon us! Victoria Bustamante Photos Victoria Bustamante Photos

The Kiembock family has been importing the spirit from Mexico since 2012
Bernard Kiembock, right, can often be seen on the summer benefit circuit sharing his family’s Dona Sarita mezcal with guests such as Kristin Houdlett, center. His daughter, Rebecca, and his wife, Sara Kiembock, are at left. The mezcal is best served with lime and orange juice in a chile salt-rimmed glass, according to the family. Morgan McGivern and Christine Sampson Photos

East Hampton Village police are conducting a search of the John M. Marshall Elementary School in East Hampton after the school received a bomb threat on Wednesday morning. Morgan McGivern
Students huddled with their class outside of the John M. Marshall Elementary School after a bomb threat was received.Morgan McGivern

A Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled over onto its side after crashing into the woods on Wednesday morning. Hampton Pix video and photo

Hampton Pix
Hampton Pix
Hampton Pix

Thomas Muse, Mr. Amagansett 2016, joined in on the fun in the Am O'Gansett Parade. Morgan McGivern
Morgan McGivern
Morgan McGivern
Gordon Ryan, better known as Mr. Amagansett 2015, isn't giving up his crown easily.Morgan McGivern
Kenny Wessberg, a former Mr. Amagansett, rode his bicycle unlike many can.Morgan McGivern
East Hampton Brownie Scout Troop 581 was one of the many Daisy, Brownie, and Girl Scout troops marching in the parade.Carissa Katz
Carissa Katz
As the fire trucks blasted their sirens, Saoirse Quinn's dad, Dermot, helped cover her ears. Carissa Katz
John Ryan Jr. marched with the East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue squad.Carissa Katz
Morgan McGivern

Concern over ‘hazardous waste’ being recycled into Pierson playing field
East Hampton High School’s football field, pictured here, is artificial turf. Plans to install a similar turf playing field at the Pierson Middle and High School have come under scrutiny by some parents. Christine Sampson