Firefighters protected neighboring houses as embers blew onto roofs and lawns.
Amagansett firefighters battled a blaze that destroyed the house at 119 Miankoma Lane in Amagansett on Thursday. Michael Heller/East Hampton Fire Department
The East Hampton Fire Department aerial ladder dumped water on the house to put out the flames after the house collapsed. Michael Heller/East Hampton Fire Department
Michael Heller/East Hampton Fire Department

A body-surfing raccoon was rescued from the ocean near Atlantic Avenue in Amagansett last Thursday. Dell Cullum
Once on the beach, the drenched and tired raccoon rested a moment before scuttling off along the sand.Dell Cullum

Quick Response Stops Blaze from Spreading

Beach replenishment plan will be brought to East Hampton Town Hall on April 23
Downtown Montauk in December 2012, a little more than month after being battered by Hurricane Sandy. Doug Kuntz

An unexpected visit from the supervisor

Growers, lawmakers brainstorm ways to foster agriculture on East End
Strategies that could help bolster agriculture here were foremost during a meeting at East Hampton Town Hall Monday. Durell Godfrey

Jewish burial laws at odds with town rules governing Adas Israel property
T.E. McMorrow

Gennaro Bruno Giugliano took down some window decorations after a car slammed into the Red Horse Market building on Wednesday afternoon. Taylor K. Vecsey
Taylor K. Vecsey
Taylor K. Vecsey