Blue-green algae spreads into Georgica Cove. Cleber Mello
Ryan Wallace, a scientist and PhD candidate at Stony Brook University, places a data-collecting buoy in the pond. Priscilla Rattazzi

L.V.I.S. vigilant as Dutch elm strikes again
Elms line Main Street in East Hampton Village, but several have succumbed to a tree disease. Carissa Katz

All ages came out for Sunday’s rallies
Lucius Ware took part in Black Lives Matter rallies in Bridgehampton and East Hampton on Sunday with his daughter Leisha Ware, left, and his granddaughter Layna Ware. Taylor K. Vecsey
Demonstrators marched down Newtown Lane and East Hampton’s Main Street during a Black Lives Matter rally on Sunday. More photos below. John Musnicki

Meeting’s last-minute postponement troubles advocates

Preserving all or part of its 840 acres seems to have unanimous support
Tom Dwyer, a geologist who works for the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, showed aerial photos of the East End, including Plum Island, to children from John M. Marshall Elementary School during a 2015 field trip to the island. Christine Sampson

Bob Votruba encourages people to be compassionate toward one another with his "kindness" bus Jane Bimson photos

Helicopters were called to take people to Stony Brook University Hospital’s level-one trauma center
Christopher Rivera, a 21-year-old from East Hampton, was seriously injured when he crashed into a truck near One Stop Market on Saturday evening. Hampton Pix

Keep doors open, acknowledge issues ‘even here’

Alcohol appears to have been involved
Timothy M. Egan, shown here before his arraignment last Thursday, has been charged with assault after allegedly punching a man hard enough to cause bleeding on the brain. T.E. McMorrow

Beatty Cohan