Star writer brought ‘deep local knowledge,’ humor, and poetry to his work
David Nelson
Russell Drumm, on the motorcycle at center, posed with fellow surfers in a late ’60s promotional shot for the Bunger Surf Shop. Also pictured, from left, are Beth Campbell, Charlie Bunger, Jim Hanley, a model whose name is not known, Roland Eisenberg, and Eric Eastman.

Authorities Believe Developer Intended to Flee to South America
Sean P. Ludwick, a major real estate developer in Manhattan seen here after his arrest in August, is back behind bars after he was reportedly found trying to buy a large boat in which to flee the country. Taylor K. Vecsey

Is your snowblower ready? Durell Godfrey

The Rev. Walter Silva Thompson Morgan McGivern

One of our largest birds, the bald eagle, was seen on Long Pond south of Sag Harbor by Ellen Stahl
There have been many bald eagle sightings in the area of late, including this juvenile one photographed being mobbed by crows at the edge of Otter Pond in Sag Harbor. Greg Boeklin Photos