Joanne Pilgrim

T.E. McMorrow

Sand Land Corporation, also known as Wainscott Sand and Gravel, operates a mine south of the Bridge Golf Club on the northern end of Bridgehampton. Morgan McGivern

E.M.T.s having breakfast were already on the scene when an elderly man drove into the side of the East Hampton bagel shop. Paul Wayne
A tow truck driver worked on removing the S.U.V. that smashed into the Goldberg's building in East Hampton on Thursday. Morgan McGivern

Overcrowded Springs has no place for piano
Alec Baldwin, seen here in 2014 at the opening of the new children's wing at the East Hampton Library where he helped hand out awards to school children, has given a baby grand piano to the Springs School District, but the school doesn't seem to have room for it. Morgan McGivern