Company wants rights to ‘Ditch Plains’ name
Jessica Mavro, an employee at Montauk Clothing Co., showed off one of its many “Ditch Plains” T-shirts. Angie Duke

An expedition to Greenland to recover bodies from a World War II crash site
In 1992, Lou Sapienza was the expedition photographer on a mission to recover the P-38 fighter plane Glacier Girl, which went down during World War II, from deep in the ice of Greenland. Lou Sapienza

Houses on the low end of the market, like this one in Southampton offered for $289,000, can be found but usually need a lot of work.

The town will add sand to a portion of the Ditch Plain beach in Montauk, where erosion has exposed hardpan and rocks, so that it can be used by bathers this summer. Hampton Pix

Montauk merchants, motel owners, cry foul
Ditch Plain beach in Montauk, summer 2008
Ditch Plain beach in Montauk, summer 2008 Morgan McGivern

Rebuilding downtown Montauk’s shorefront is targeted to take place next year
The federal government will pay to plan and design a rebuilt Montauk beach. Hampton Pix

To John Marshall from a Brooklyn charter school