A peek behind all that scaffolding as library director lays plans for future
The John Jermain Memorial Library in Sag Harbor
The John Jermain Memorial Library in Sag Harbor, built in 1910, has been wrapped up tight for a long-delayed restoration. Carrie Ann Salvi

Salt spray from storm hampers the London planes
The salty winds of Tropical Storm Irene combined with a dry early spring may spell doom for many London plane trees. Russell Drumm

Effort to overturn inspector will send Wombles to court; addition nixed

The village will be testing a solar-powered trash compactor
The BigBelly solar-powered trash compactor
The BigBelly solar-powered trash compactor will be making a cameo appearance on Newtown Lane this summer.

East Hampton pays tribute to fallen soldiers
Navy Captain William T. Brown recalled many soldiers lost in battle, including Marine Lance Cpl. Jordan Haerter of Sag Harbor and Army First Lt. Joseph Theinert of Shelter Island Russell Drumm

A man was wounded by a gunshot Thursday evening at this Springs-Fireplace Road, East Hampton, house, which remained cordoned off and guarded by uniformed police officers on Friday. David E. Rattray

‘Thousands’ of summonses called into question
Tom Ferreira, outside his house on Navy Road in July of 2010, says the town illegally removed vehicles from his property, added the $19,700 hauling cost to his taxes, then placed a lien on his property when he couldn’t pay. Morgan McGivern

Crashed stolen van and hid in waterfront shed
A one-man alleged crime wave ended with a crash in this bucolic waterside stand of boxwoods on Shelter Island. Carrie Ann Salvi

Surf Lodge’s new team promises subtle changes
Jayma Cardoso
Jayma Cardoso, the maitre d’ of merriment at Montauk’s Surf Lodge, sees smoother seas ahead for the once-embattled club. Tom McMorrow

Tributes to Jordan Haerter and Joseph Theinert take many forms
The late First Lt. Joseph Theinert’s friends and family welcomed his troop to Shelter Island last spring, with one of the events planned being a cruise on the ferry named after him. Carrie Ann Salvi