Sag Harbor Village limits school-day parking
Parents are allowed to drop Sag Harbor Elementary School students off on Clinton Street, but they are not allowed to park there under new village regulations. Durell Godrey

Judge refuses to toss case over disputed revetment on West End Road
Where the East Hampton Town Trustees’ ownership ends and where Mollie Zweig’s begins has been the subject of litigation since Ms. Zweig began construction of a revetment on her West End Road property in 2013. David E. Rattray

Consultants tally complaints on cusp of summer with no aircraft curfews
Morgan McGivern
Craig Macnaughton

The great Long Island naturalists who have made their second job their first and best
One of many signs of spring, the trailing arbutus were blooming up a storm at Oakland Cemetery in Sag Harbor. Jean Held

Disgraced over W.M.D.s, a reporter fires back
Judith Miller, whose articles for The New York Times corroborated the Bush administration’s incorrect claims about Saddam Hussein’s arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, reflected on that period during a reading at Stony Brook Southampton last week. Jennifer Landes

Last year's Shoreline Sweep Durell Godfrey