‘The public health of the people is at stake,’ Councilman Stanzione says
A draft report by an East Hampton Town deer management working group may lay down a path to reduce the deer population. Durell Godfrey

Montauk hot spot will start summer with fresh team of owners

State restricts use of phosphorus in fertilizers and ‘weed and feed’ products
Homeowners have been told to limit fertilizer use, which has contributed to poor water quality, shellfish declines, and contamination of swimming areas. Carrie Ann Salvi

Spending to dip; some teaching staff eliminated

Chief Ecker touts more aggressive investigations

Construction continues, but a hearing on a new basement is coming
A basement foundation is triggering a public hearing before the East Hampton Town Planning Board for the Montauk Beach House, formerly known as the Ronjo. T.E. McMorrow

The United States Coast Guard’s sail training ship Eagle will turn 76 in June.
United States Coast Guard Barque Eagle heeled on a starboard tack Russell Drumm

Quamine T. Taylor returned to jail
T.E. McMorrow

Bonac students will work with global group
Fred Doss, John Gicking, and Shirin Kerman, rear, at a buildOn school site in Mali in 2006, surrounded by children who had never been to school in a proper building before. Alhousseyni Maiga

Existing wells would fill reservoir, to make watering golf course easier
A new pond and pump house proposed at the Maidstone Club, plus a new irrigation system, have some wondering about impacts on Hook Pond. Durell Godfrey