Mangement plan urges elimination by 2025
Mute swans like this one at the nature trail in East Hampton Village would be eradicated in the wild by 2025 under a proposed state plan. Durell Godfrey

Plan calls for photovoltaics at 10 town sites

Shopkeepers weigh benefits of continuity against off-season economic pain
Morgan McGivern

Fourteen middle school students may face suspension after organized brawl

Aug. 31, 1921 - Jan. 20, 2014
Former Congressman Pike Dies   Aug. 31, 1921 - Jan. 20, 2014

East Hampton Village officer asked to turn over badge and gun

Critics decry town-village sharpshooting plan
Wildlife advocates who oppose East Hampton Town and Village’s planned deer cull will hold a demonstration on Saturday. Morgan McGivern

Scientists to help town vet Army Corps plan

Maidstone’s irrigation project sparks concerns over runoff and noise
The East Hampton Village Zoning Board of Appeals held a hearing Friday to consider the Maidstone Club’s proposed irrigation upgrade. Durell Godfrey