First Lt. Elizabeth Mamay was welcomed back at Fort Totten on Friday afternoon by her family. From left, her cousin Kaitlyn Mamay, her step-father, Tim Miller, her step-mother, Laurie Mamay, a sister Molly Mamay, Lt. Mamay, her mother, Diane McNally, her father, Richard Mamay, and a sister Emily Mamay.

Montauk Army Corps
East Hampton Town police officers arrested three more protestors who tried to stop work on the beach in Montauk on Friday morning. Joanne Pilgrim
Contractors drove heavy equipment along the shore beside a handful of people who went around safety fencing onto the beach.Joanne Pilgrim
A supporter of the people arrested Friday snapped a photo as police drove them away. Joanne Pilgrim

Sag Harbor Village police will be run by a new chief come January. Taylor K. Vecsey

East Hampton officials question schools’ use as Election Day polling places
The East Hampton School Board asked the Suffolk County Board of Elections to move polling places elsewhere. The answer was no. Morgan McGivern

Civil case targets driver in fatal August crash
The family of Paul G. Hansen T.E. McMorrow

Committee hears call to protect ‘single-family character of our community’

Doug Kuntz
Durell Godfrey