Richard Hendrickson, Bridgehampton historian, farmer, author, was 103
Richard Hendrickson, Bridgehampton historian, farmer, author, was 103
Richard Hendrickson, shown here in 2007, had “an unending curiousity,” said Bob DeLuca of the Group for the East End. Carissa Katz
Firearms were among Richard Hendrickson’s many areas of expertise. He showed off some pieces from his vast collection in this photograph from the 1970s. Hendrickson Family
A man of his place, Richard Hendrickson is seen in Bridgehampton as a boy in 1917 and as a young man.Hendrickson Family

If you are among the 1 percent of the population that genuinely has celiac disease, then you must adhere to a gluten-free diet
Gluten-free pasta options Laura Donnelly
A gluten-free pasta option may need a savory sauce to make it more palatable. Laura Donnelly

Yanni Giannakopoulos, left, and Malik Basnight, right, have taken on complicated woodworking projects at the Ross School. Yanni is replicating a famous guitar, Malik is building four artistic chairs, and the two friends have been helping each other along the way. Christine Sampson

Matthew Posnick and his dog Tara recently became a certified handler-and-therapy-animal team through the organization Pet Partners. Christine Sampson

Richard G. Hendrickson, seen here in 2007, had been a volunteer United States Cooperative weather observer since 1930. Carissa Katz
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recognized Richard Hendrickson for 80 years of service in 2014.John N. White

Frank Squadrito, a former butler at Ronald Perelman's Creeks estate in East Hampton, was led into East Hampton Town Justice Court on Friday. T.E. McMorrow

The driver of an S.U.V. was killed in a collision with a Suffolk County bus on Montauk Highway near Hayground Road in Bridgehampton.