Lazy Point revetment among tough decisions
For the second time in two months, an extremely high tide in Gardiner’s Bay surrounded a house off Mulford Lane at Lazy Point, where the East Hampton Town Zoning Board of Appeals recently approved a revetment. David E. Rattray

Dr. Turetsky praised for ‘humanitarian’ approach
Dr. Jonathan Turetsky was named the state wild-animal rehabilitator of 2012.
Morgan McGivern

Hurricane Sandy ‘is still happening,’ says Fire Department’s Dennis O’Reilly
Dennis O'Reilly

More swimmers may mean coughing, rashes
The director of the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter said recently that because of heavy pool use upgrades to the facility’s water filtration and ventilation should be undertaken. Jack Graves

Engineers suggest a look at private septic systems, as well as town plant
East Hampton Town’s scavenger waste treatment facility (seen above in August) has been operating only as a wastewater transfer station since early this year. Matthew Sprung

Village may say one dwelling per lot is enough

Pondside restaurant hopes to add outdoor dining
The owners of the South Edgemere Street restaurant, East by Northeast, want to move 48 of its 180 seats, all of them indoors, to an outside patio. Morgan McGivern

‘When you plan as a group, you think of everybody,’ police captain says
The interior of the East Hampton Village Police Department's emergency communications van Morgan McGivern

Photo essay by Lindsay Morris, text by Zachary Lazar
Photo Essay by Lindsay Morris
Parents reassured after Sandy Hook shootings
At its Tuesday meeting the East Hampton Board of Education heard about emergency preparations and procedures for the district’s three school buildings. David E. Rattray