Southampton Fire Department
Southampton Fire Department
Kristen Kiernan, right, visited her family home of 40 years after a fire destroyed it, while Brian Williams, a fire marshal, investigated the cause.Levi Shaw-Faber

System could bring ‘massive energy savings’

Neighbor objected, but that appeal came six years too late, Z.B.A. finds
A long-dormant restaurant at the Breakers motel in Montauk will reopen. T.E. McMorrow

Field trips, clubs, summer programs face ax
Carissa Katz

But Sanders is winning organizational race
Trump supporters may not be gathering for get-out-the-vote events, but they are here. Above, bar patron wore cap bearing Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again." Levi Shaw-Faber

We thought our seven seas were too big and too deep to be muddied by land-based activities
We used to think our oceans were too big and too deep to be sullied by land-based activities, but we know now that our marine waters are probably even more vulnerable than the land they surround. Durell Godfrey