A bicyclist received non-life-threatening injuries when he tried to pass a truck as it was turning onto Main Street from Mill Hill Lane in East Hampton Village on Thursday afternoon, according to police. Taylor K. Vecsey
The bicycle came to rest underneath the two-door pickup, with some of its back tire and the seat sticking out from under the passenger side of the small truck.Taylor K. Vecsey
Taylor K. Vecsey

Soldier Ride’s Team Sam Scram last year included, from top left, Michael Pour, Mauricio Castillo, Margery Courtney, Tali Friedman, Rachel Kleinberg, Ana Nunez, and, at bottom, Corrina Castillo, Luke Castillo, Margaret Thompson, Karen Haab, and Frank Dolan.

Juan P. Porras and Jose Jaime Restrepo-Perez of Springs were led to their arraignments in East Hampton Town Justice Court Thursday morning. T.E. McMorrow

Jim Nicoletti, an admired former coach at East Hampton High School, said at an East Hampton School Board meeting on Tuesday that it is the third time in 18 months that a head coach has been forced out. Jack Graves photos
Tom Cooper, the head of the recently formed East Hampton Booster Club, also spoke in favor of Coach Reale.
Sue Ann Ryan, one of Coach Reale's former players
Jim Daunt of Montauk, a longtime youth coach
Carol Hansen, whose daughter Alison Hansen played for Coach Reale from 2004 to 2008, was among his biggest supporters on Tuesday night.
Tom Bock called the situation a disgrace.
Devin O'Brien, one of the coach's former players
Emily Janis, a former player, is now an assistant field hockey coach at Lafayette College.

Gail Rothwell, left, the president of the Board of Directors of The Retreat, and Kate Wirth of Gail Rothwell Ltd., which will be among the shops taking part in a shopping spree called Shop at Sunsets to raise money for the Retreat. The Retreat

An advertisement of the shark tournament features a photograph of Carl Darenberg taken for a Swiss magazine.


Scott W. Smith, 38, led away from East Hampton Town Justice Court Thursday, after he was arraigned on charges related to almost hitting a woman jogging with her 6-month-old in a stroller, East Hampton Village police said. T.E. McMorrow

About 250 people marched from Dunemere Lane down Highway Behind the Pond to Daniel Loeb's house to protest during a fund-raiser for Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.
The protestors arrived on five buses that made pick-ups from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Brentwood.
East Hampton Village Police Chief Gerard Larsen helped escort the protestors on their march down Highway Behind the Pond to in front of Daniel Loeb's house.
Protestors were kept behind a police barricade across the street from Daniel Loeb's house, where a fund-raiser for Governor Andrew M. Cuomo was taking place.
After about an hour and a half of protesting in front of Daniel Loeb's house, the group marched down to the beach for a few photo ops with Mr. Loeb's oceanfront house as a backdrop.