Amgansett Group Against 79-Unit Senior Housing Idea

‘It’s possible it was a mistake — probably not’
David E. Rattray
An 8,000-square-foot section of Napeague Harbor, delineated in yellow above, that had been set aside as a scallop sanctuary was intentionally damaged, the East Hampton Town Trustees believe.East Hampton Town Shellfish Hatchery

It may look like a terrible accident, but it was actually a mass-casualty drill for first responders, held in Montauk on Sunday. Durell Godfrey
Durell Godfrey
Durell Godfrey

A call for sterilization along with hunting

A state judge has issued a restraining order blocking a Georgica Beach-front property owner from continuing work on a protective sea wall. Christopher Walsh
A towering pile of sand remained on the beach in front of Mollie Zweig's West End Road property on Monday morning.Morgan McGivern

Actor’s gift for lecture room, simulcast system

Board Republicans back Amagansett condos

Sag Harborite hopes clues will lead to masterpieces lost in World War II
News that a treasure trove of art confiscated by the Nazis during World War II had been found in a Munich apartment has started Barbara Lipman-Wulf of Sag Harbor on a fervent search for a missing list. Durell Godfrey

Some of the dozens of sculptures that dot the 40-acre land in Flanders belonging to Gloria Kisch. Debra Scott