Always a crowd favorite, the Coneheads offered a send-up of Obamacare, among other things, in 2014. Janis Hewitt

High winds quickly dashed any hope of saving an oceanfront house that caught fire and burned to the ground on Wednesday. Morgan McGivern

Claim prosecutor misconduct in Ammon killing

Lunar-like craters, help slow in coming
Peter Rucano, an automotive technician at Marshall and Sons in Montauk, said yesterday that between 20 and 25 vehicles had been brought in this week after blowouts.

‘Relief from torture’? ‘A death sentence’? The town board will decide
Jonathan Sabin, standing, and his father, Andrew Sabin, seated to his left, said that the town board’s proposed East Hampton Airport regulations are too restrictive. Morgan McGivern

‘Monumental,’ East Hampton superintendent says
This year the Eleanor Whitmore Center retooled its prekindergarten program to add an optional fee-based extended learning program in the afternoon. Morgan McGivern

Deeds concealed by Arthur Benson now on library website
George Fowler's signature on a document reproduced by the East Hampton Library in which he gave up his remaining rights to land at Montauk. East Hampton Library Long Island Collection
A 1703 receipt for the first annual payment to the Montaukett Indians by the Trustees of the Freeholders and Commonalty of East HamptonEast Hampton Library Long Island Collection

After serving eight months, William Lagarenne accused of again stealing copper
William Lagarenne accused of again stealing copper. T.E. McMorrow