Danielle Gofi ran one of the check out registers Friday morning as the first customers lined up. Morgan McGivern
The revamped produce aisleMorgan McGivern
At a ribbon-cutting on Friday morning, Stop and Shop presented a $2,000 donation to East Hampton Meals on Wheels. Pictured from left, Mary Jane Lewando, Tom Lettich, the store manager, Anthony Devivio and Gretchen S. Howe of Meals on Wheels, and Ryan Mitzer of Stop and Shop.Morgan McGivern
East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell with Tom Lettich, the store's managerMorgan McGivern
The new checkout areas were noticeably free of clutter on Friday morning.Morgan McGivern

Helicopter company dominates Republican intake
HeliFlite Shares of Newark, N.J., was listed as contributing $5,000 to East Hampton Republicans and their backers, as was MVRE, which shares the same Newark address. Morgan McGivern

November hearing expected on new law

Class sizes prompt demand for instructors

Andy Gaites, from East Hampton Town’s land department, pointed out the difference between growth on one side of a fence, where deer are kept out, and another, where they have foraged heavily. Joanne Pilgrim

After a week interviewing detainees, Daniel Hartnett’s return blocked by ICE
Isabel Saavedra, left, an attorney working for the CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project, with Daniel Hartnett, a certified social worker from Springs who volunteered with the project last month.
Outside the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Tex.

Chris Clark has helped run Crossroads Music, which will close by the end of the year. His father, Michael Clark, is the owner. Christopher Walsh

A dead humpback whale, measuring 26 feet long, washed up about a quarter-mile east of Ditch Plain Beach. The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation was notified of the whale on Monday. Riverhead Foundation
It is unclear what caused the whale's death. Riverhead Foundation

Anna Pump in 1985 Ann Chawtsky