Critics decry town-village sharpshooting plan
Wildlife advocates who oppose East Hampton Town and Village’s planned deer cull will hold a demonstration on Saturday. Morgan McGivern

Scientists to help town vet Army Corps plan

Maidstone’s irrigation project sparks concerns over runoff and noise
The East Hampton Village Zoning Board of Appeals held a hearing Friday to consider the Maidstone Club’s proposed irrigation upgrade. Durell Godfrey

Town will review how and why ‘the system failed,’ supervisor said

Cantwell outlines his 2014 list of initiatives

Tekulsky, a new clerk, and interpreters step in
Emily Grunewald, center, with her fellow court clerks just days before her retirement last month, after 23 years on the job. From the left were Nicole Shipman, Michelle Field, Tamara Palmer, Ms. Gruenwald, Jennifer Anderson, Betsy Martin, and Jennifer Salsedo. T.E. McMorrow

Springs fourth graders to stage school’s 17th annual production
Some of the 52 members of the Springs School’s fourth-grade opera company: from left, Natalia Flores, Corrina Castillo, Kimberly Bermeo, Sophia Yardley, and Nora Conlon Morgan McGivern

East Hampton Village is soliciting sealed bids for the summer season for one of the coveted Sea Spray Cottages. Morgan McGivern

Town, county near agreement to resolve Rte. 114 sump and flooding issues