Catherine Cahill must repay $1.045 million
Retired East Hampton Town Justice Catherine A. Cahill

Taylor K. Vecsey

'A balance that makes both sides happy,' mayor says
Noise of leaf blowers driving you crazy? Now there's a number to call. Morgan McGivern

It took three officers to take him into custody after daytime break-in

Dominy workshops overlooking ocean
An 1850 Dominy woodworking shop, shortly before it and a companion clock shop were moved from their North Main Street site to Dudley Roberts Jr.’s Further Lane property in 1946 The East Hampton Star Archive
The now-joined Dominy workshops can be seen sheathed in plastic tarps to the left of the house that Christopher Browne and Andrew Gordon shared near the Maidstone Club.David E. Rattray
Taken sometime in about 1946, the Dominy workshops as they were being converted for use on the Dudley Roberts estate.The East Hampton Star Archive

Thiele aims to help homeowners under siege
An expanse of razor-sharp bamboo stumps waited to be excavated in a difficult and expensive effort to remove the plant from a Montauk property. T.E. McMorrow

Anthony Drexel Duke put his privilege to use, lifting thousands from poverty
The founder of Boys and Girls Harbor in East Hampton, Anthony Drexel Duke, right, with some of the many campers he welcomed every year. Mr. Duke died on April 30.

When Isabel Carmichael and her brother put their house on Indian Wells Highway on the market this winter, they were advised to not ask for more than $1.8 million; they listed at $2.1 million and ultimately sold for $2.3 million. Durell Godfrey

Responders now have an antidote that can be administered easily
Emergency medical technicians in Suffolk can now administer Narcan intranasally to reverse the effects of heroin and other opioid overdoses. Suffolk Emergency Medical Services