Preliminary review by planning board Wednesday
What is now an open driveway behind the former East Deck Motel in Ditch Plain is to be transformed into a sloping, below-grade parking area, leading to loading docks beneath a new, two-story building behind the existing structures. T.E. McMorrow

A unanimous vote against stone sea wall
The East Hampton Town Trustees have denied a permit application for a rock revetment spanning four properties off Louse Point Road in Springs. T.E. McMorrow

East Hampton, Sag Harbor Villages: Reject F.A.A. $

Critic says the village plan would be ‘highly expensive and ineffective’
The Village of East Hampton has hired White Buffalo Inc. to conduct a spaying program this winter with money augmented by the Village Preservation Society of East Hampton. Dell Cullum

Reading, writing, needlework helped minister pay the bills
A hoopoe bird, a detail from Mercy Huntting’s yarn-sewn rug. At the time the rug was made, in the early 19th century, well-read people were captivated by the exotic birds and flowers. The hoopoe is native to North Africa and Eurasia. American Sewn Rugs

Supe sees a better way to keep landlords in line

Sgt. Paul Fabiano, seen at right with his partner of 10 years, Officer John Natuzzi, retired last week after 25 years with the Sag Harbor Village Police Department. Linda Fabiano

A lightning strike is believed to have started a house fire on Bridge Hill Lane in Bridgehampton Sunday. Google Maps

The 9/11 Memorial Observance near the Hook Mill, 2013 Morgan McGivern