But retirements will likely bring down salary costs

Ditch Plain condominium trailer will be raised on pilings to appease FEMA

Firefighters surveyed the damage after a fire broke out at Lazy Point Thursday morning.
Firefighters finished up after extinguishing a fire in a small greenhouse and shed on Lazy Point Thursday.

The photos in “My Sag Harbor Bird Notebook” are as fine as any I have ever come across
A great blue heron waited for a meal along a snowy wetland edge this month. Terry Sullivan

Brandon Kennedy-Gay drove to the basket in Tuesday night's game. John Musnicki

Social media have created a new wedding dimension
Even a bride can’t go unplugged for long. Renee Tobiassen took a moment to check in as she got ready for the wedding. Alison Conklin Photography
Finding a wedding guest without a cellphone camera in hand is a rarity. This guest pulled double duty, managing two iPhones at once. Cappy Hotchkiss Photography
The bride, Renee Tobiassen, and her family posed on the dance floor for a photo taken with the help of a selfie stick. The photo was immediately posted to Instagram. Alison Conklin Photography
Every step of a wedding, for some couples, can be found on Instagram. One of Renee Tobiassen’s favorite photos was taken by her husband’s stepmother and posted using the couple’s wedding hashtag. When bride-to-be Caroline McGintee found herself engaged, she announced it to all her friends at once with a picture of the ring. Instagram

Firefighters took to the roof to cut a hole to vent a fire that broke out on Egypt Lane on Monday afternoon. Morgan McGivern
Morgan McGivern
Morgan McGivern