Morgan McGivern

Waldbaum's in East Hampton will be replaced by Stop & Shop after a deal to buy 25 A&P stores is finalized. Kelly Stefanick

The welcome spray of cool water from a fire truck at the end of the race. Abbey Allen
Jimmy Buffett gave a surprise performance.David E. Rattray
A wounded rider gave a wave and a smile as he headed out of Amagansett.Morgan McGivern
Morgan McGivern
Local firefighters hung a flag over the Soldier Ride route in East Hampton. Dell Cullum
Two little riders exchanged an American flag.Morgan McGivern
Abbey Allen
Abbey Allen
Richard Valcich of East Hampton went to the Amagansett Farm to support the riders, arriving in style.Morgan McGivern
The festivities at the Amagansett Farm from aboveDell Cullum

S.P.C.A. Chief Roy Gross, center, with Stephen Laton, chief of operations, and Officer Joseph Scalise keeping a leash on the canine officer. S.P.C.A.

Morgan McGivern

An officer with the Department of Environmental Conservation was seen investigating the death of three deer in a Wainscott farm field on Friday morning. Taylor K. Vecsey
The D.E.C. said it is not sure whether the deaths of the deer are considered legal or illegal at this point in the investigation.Terry Sullivan
Two of the three dead deer in the field.Terry Sullivan