School board ponders unpaid crowd control

Town hopes to put limits on outdoor occupancy

Opponents say rock armor requested on bluff lot is ‘illegal’ under town law

The Star Talks to Danny Lopez
British Consul General Danny Lopez
British Consul General Danny Lopez

Board eyes hefty fines, shame, while F.A.A. may send copter route south
For years, town officials and an East Hampton Airport noise abatement advisory committee, which was disbanded by the current town administration, have grappled over how to minimize aircraft noise. Morgan McGivern

MTK music fest canned over weak ticket sales
A 3D rendering of the event not to be.

Too many gatherings make a mass mess
house on Fithian Lane
Plans by Gilt City, a luxury online bargain company, to host a series of promotional events and parties at this house on Fithian Lane were quickly quelled by the East Hampton Village Board last week. Morgan McGivern

In July, East Hampton Democrats’ campaign war chests were nearly empty
“Obviously we get some very generous and affluent supporters and while all our contributors are important, the ones that are really important are people sending $10 or $25.”

Video gets 28,000 hits and counting; Jitney not amused
A satirical video made by and starring Nina Katchadourian has taken the Hampton Jitney to a broad and growing Youtube audience.