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The shelves are bare at Waldbaum's in East Hampton, where a sale is under way in anticipation of the store's closing sometime next month. Carissa Katz

Durell Godfrey photos

The Springs Fire Department led the way in a parade on Saturday. Morgan McGivern photos
Joseph Fitzgerald is one of four charter members who remain active in the Springs Fire Department 50 years after it was first formed.
A view of the reviewing stand, where Hugh King, the town historian, provided some historical commentary.
Many former fire chiefs marched in the parade, including Jeff Miller, who wore a big smile.
The parade route was packed with onlookers.
Fire trucks and ambulances from at least 10 agencies on the East End turned out to celebrate the Springs Fire Department's half-century in existence.
Several antique trucks joined the festivities.
T-shirts for sale
The parade route went past Ashawagh Hall.
The crowd cheered the volunteer firefighters as they marched by.

Springs Fire Department celebrates history, service to community on Saturday
When the Springs Fire Department formed, charter members bought a fire truck from Jamesport for $1. On that occasion were, from left, Raymond Tilley, Russell Cullum, Ernie Green Jr., Robert F. Dordelman, and Pete Reichart. The East Hampton Star
May 1977
Wendy Davidson won a poster contest at the Springs School in October of 1977. Judging was at the firehouse, where she met the chief at the time, Jack Wachsmuth, left, Fred Overton, the second assistant chief, and Larry Miller, the first assistant chief.Cal Norris
A new Concord Yankee ambulance arrived in 1978 and went into service at midnight on Dec. 31. From left, Bob Davis, the first captain of the ambulance company, Chief Larry Miller, receiving the keys from Richard Herrlin, the chairman of the fire commissioners, and Peter Reichart, Richard Talmage, and Victor Schaefer, commissioners at the time. Mr. Reichart was the first fire chief in Springs back in 1965.Carl Norris
John Tilley, left, defeated Robert Wood 140 to 91 in a commissioner election in 1978. With him were Jan Tilley and Richard Herrlin, chairman of the board of fire commissioners.Cal Norris
August 1979Cal Norris
A memorial tree was planted at the firehouse for Peter Reichart, a 31-year-old fisherman who died of Rocky Mountain spotted fever in May of 1985. Among those who worked on the project were, from left, Tim Smith, Les LaMonda, and Clarence Barnes.Cal Norris
A parade was held to mark the 20th anniversary of the Springs Fire Department in September of 1965.Cal Norris
Members of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Springs Fire Department could hardly keep the orders coming fast enough during a dinner at the firehouse back in February of 1991. Morgan McGivern
Ann Glennon, Dawn Green, and Karen Haab were three of the four women firefighters in the Springs Fire Department in 2012. Dale Brabant paved the way, joining the department about 30 years ago and becoming its first female interior firefighter about 29 years ago.Heather Dubin

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