Glenn Hall, the chairman of the East End Disabilities Group, worked for seven months building the group’s new website, which is now up and running. Morgan McGivern

The panel discusses a documentary about sexual assault on college campuses after a screening at Guild Hall Britta Lokting

Aesthetics versus usefulness is the question
Tower looms over homes to the North East of Springs Firehouse. Morgan McGivern

Nancy Shenker, has served in senior marketing positions at companies including Citibank, MasterCard International, and Reed Exhibitions, founded theONswitch 12 years ago
Convincing people to take reusable bags when they shop “is a matter of training people to behave differently,” said Nancy Shenker of theONswitch. Nancy Shenker

A Sea Crystal Pools Inc. pickup truck was involved in an accident with a Range Rover on the Napeague stretch Wednesday morning.
Chemicals from the pool truck spilled out all over Montauk Highway in front of the Clam Bar after an accident Wednesday morning.

Elias, a hammerhead shark, was photographed when he was tagged back in July. OCEARCH

Judge Gary Duffy presented the L.I.H.S.S.R.D. Walk-Trot Equitation Academy Class championship to Emily McGowan at the Hampton Classic. Hampton Classic
The Grand Prix Jumper riders McLain Ward, left, and Quentin Judge presented L.I.H.S.S.R.D. year-end high-score awards during a breakfast at the horse show.Hampton Classic
Isaiah Forte won the L.I.H.S.S.R.D. Walk With Aids Academy Class at the 40th annual Hampton Classic.Hampton Classic

Former President Bill Clinton visited the South Fork Country Club on Thursday, and stopped to take a picture with children, including Ryan Brady, 11, (in the red button-up shirt) and his brother Matthew Brady, 9, (in the blue plaid button-up shirt next to his brother). Gary Brady
Bill Clinton dined with a party of 14 on Thursday evening at Indian Wells Tavern in Amagansett, and then the restaurant serenaded him with "Happy Birthday." Later, he posed for photos with the entire staff who served him from the dishwasher to the owner.Wordhampton

LIRR Instagram
The Long Island Rail Road posted notices on Instagram and other social media sites on Thursday imploring Cannonball passengers to cut down on the baggage.

Suffolk County police
Suffolk County police