The East Hampton Town Trustees will support a bill that would expand the jurisdiction of Sag Harbor Village in order to regulate moorings and vessels beyond the village’s present boundary. Morgan McGivern

White sand, orange sand, what about summer?
Beach grass planted in straight rows atop a buried sandbag wall on Montauk’s downtown beach will be fenced off and pedestrian access to the shore allowed only over wooden walkways at four different oceanfront spots.
A gravel road will provide vehicle access to the Montauk downtown ocean beach above a buried line of sandbags installed by the Army Corps of Engineers to protect shorefront buildings. A second vehicle access to be installed will be of reinforced concrete. T.E. McMorrow Photos

Judge's order could put popular Montauk club in hands of a temporary receiver
T.E. McMorrow

Pictured with Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr., far left, are David Elliot, the Bridgehampton School's band director, Lois Favre, the district superintendent, and the members of the Tewa Marimba Ensemble, not in order: Isaiah Aqui, Autumn Street, Harriet DeGroot, Ameer Brunson, Nia Dawson, Elizabeth Hochstedler, Laura Uribe, Patricia Figueroa, Matthew Hostetter, and Michael Smith.

During a rare John M. Marshall Elementary School field trip to Plum Island last May, David Cataletto, a teacher, and a group of students got an up-close look at the fresh water lake, which is home to diverse populations of wildlife. Christine Sampson

Local trapper says animals get a bad rap, but county says to be alert
Suffolk health officials have asked residents to be on the lookout for uncommon behavior in raccoons after one in Nassau was found to have rabies. Dell Cullum
Raccoons are no longer nocturnal on the East End, where they find plenty of food in garbage throughout the day.Durell Godfrey

A close-up of the artificial turf field at East Hampton High School Christine Sampson

A driver of a pickup truck was unconscious when the first responding units reached him Thursday night after his truck flipped over on Old Stone Highway in Amagansett. Google Maps