A crane with a boom approximately 80 feet long was brought in to make repairs to the train trestle after it was struck on Monday morning. T.E. McMorrow

Durell Godfrey

Van Scoyoc and Cohen throw their hats into ring
Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc has announced his intention to seek the position of East Hampton Town supervisor. Durell Godfrey

Up for auction, but ‘they should tear it down’
A Lazy Point property mortgage that is financially underwater and the house it covers can be yours at an auction to be held on the steps of Town Hall Tuesday. T.E. McMorrow

Judge allows bond for Montauk carpenter
T.E. McMorrow

T.J. Maxx addition at Commons may bring Marshalls
A proposed 17,000-square-foot addition to the back of the current T.J. Maxx building at Bridgehampton Commons will make room for a Marshalls. Kimco Realty

If state law is approved, East Hampton would have to rethink taxis
T.E. McMorrow

Jill Malusky moved from Kentucky to take over as the executive director of the East Hampton Historical Society. Richard Barons, the current director, will retire later this year. Carissa Katz

Rather than pay $11 million toward a $21 million Army Corps of Engineers project that would have added a large amount of dredged sand to the Soundview beach just west of the Lake Montauk inlet, East Hampton Town will instead encourage the agency to focus on dredging the inlet. T.E. McMorrow