With a tip of its horizontal hat to architecture greats
Crisscrossed concrete, mahogany, glass, and steel surround the entryway. Laurie Lambrecht
The view’s the thing. While the unifying ceiling extends everywhere, steps from the entrance foyer lead down to the living room area, with a conversation pit at a lower level. Custom steel windows and full-length doors welcome gazes and breezes. Paul Warchol Photo
The kitchen was designed by one of the owners, a professional chef. Laurie Lambrecht
Steps descend from the foyer to the outdoor level. The fireplace in the living room is one of four in the house. Laurie Lambrecht Photos
A screen divides bath and guest room. A pair of sinks and a bathtub are in the master bedroom, which opens onto a sunken garden.Laurie Lambrecht Photos
In the dining room, the side wall looks into a kitchen garden.Laurie Lambrecht
The rear elevation of the house is reflected in the swimming pool just after sunset, to stunning effect.Paul Warchol Photo

Grand jury hastily convened; alleged victim, a foreign student, heads home
A source close to the investigation of an alleged rape in East Hampton on Tuesday said that police found Jason Lee, a Goldman Sachs banker arrested in connection with the incident, crouched inside a parked Range Rover. Doug Kuntz

Transgender teen finds himself and becomes an outspoken advocate for others
Joel Johnson, soon to be a senior at East Hampton High School, will start the school year as a male student, after a recent surgery and legal name change. Bridget LeRoy

Board asked to approve storage facility because film work isn’t viable there
The owner of East Hampton Studios — which was envisioned as an incubator for a developing film business in East Hampton — hopes to sell the building and has asked East Hampton Town to allow it to become a storage space. Morgan McGivern

At Sandy Gallin’s compound on Further Lane, which has a 6,500-square-foot main house, it is the apple orchard, stone paths, and outdoor rooms that give the property a kind of magic. Morgan McGivern

Accabonac culvert cost $888,000 to build and thousands more to maintain, but never quite worked
A culvert on Gerard Drive in Springs, built to increase tidal flushing of the north end of Accabonac Harbor, was not opened this year for the first time since its completion in 2006. Durell Godfrey

East Hampton Town Police and county detectives converged on a rented house in the Dune Alpin section of East Hampton. Doug Kuntz

Town property on Fort Pond in Montauk, used in 2008 for a Shakespeare performance, will become a public park named for the late Carol Morrison, and remain in public hands, after to a split East Hampton Town Board vote this week to take the site, known as Fort Pond House, off the real estate market. Carissa Katz

Pull up stakes, says FEMA expert
Walter F. Bundy, a former Federal Emergency Management Agency official, delivered a report, “Description of Flooding Risk Faced by Napeague Stretch Communities,” to the Amagansett Citizens Advisory Committee at its meeting on Monday. Christopher Walsh