Sgt. Tony Vargas, left, and East Hampton Town Police Chief Michael Sarlo Karen Vargas
Sgt. Tony Vargas with his daughters, from left, Autumn, Ava, and Alexis, and his wife, Karen Vargas after his walk-out at East Hampton Town Police Department headquarters.
Sgt. Tony Vargas and his daughters had a bit of fun with his squad car at his retirement on Saturday.Karen Vargas
Sgt. Tony Vargas with his brother, Stephen Blanchard, an East Hampton Town police dispatcherKaren Vargas

John Vassallo, left, played a South African drum while Gene Hamilton, right, strummed a guitar, improvising a song with a hopeful tone. Christine Sampson
An impromptu drum circle brought together participants of all ages, who played percussion instruments from around the world.Christine Sampson
Steve Anderson, left, used a fan made from bird feathers to waft the smoke from burning sage in a cleansing ritual for guests at Healing Man on Saturday.Christine Sampson
Tibetan flags waved in the wind coming off the water at Cedar Point County Park.Christine Sampson
A small stone wall, built near the shore at Cedar Point County Park by a Healing Man visitor, paid tribute to the art of stone balancing or stone stacking.Christine Sampson

A busy summer day at the East Hampton Airport last year Morgan McGivern

WLNG broadcast live from One Stop Market on Saturday. Morgan McGivern
Some of the free giveawaysMorgan McGivern
This little boy got a free little One Stop Market beach ball.Morgan McGivern

Daniel Roman Airlifted to Hospital
A motorcycle and car collided on Old Montauk Highway, near Montauk Highway, in Montauk on Friday evening. T. E. McMorrow

The staff at One Stop Market in East Hampton, which is celebrating their 30th anniversary

The new Speedway signs went up at the gas stations, formerly known as Hess, in Wainscott and Water Mill on Thursday. Christine Sampson

The message in a bottle that washed up on Plum Island.Christine Sampson
Tom Dwyer, a geologist, examined the bottle that contained the students' message, which washed up on the shore of Plum Island in March.Christine Sampson
Jocelyn Jarro said she got "a boost of energy" from ringing the Plum Island bell, which stands as a tribute to the lighthouse keepers who used it to keep mariners safe in foggy weather.Christine Sampson
Sixteen students and two teachers, Lee Mohlere and David Cataletto, gathered for a group photo in front of the Plum Island lighthouse, which was built in 1869.Christine Sampson
A view of one of the shores of Plum Island.Christine Sampson
From left to right, Rosa Perez, Ashly Morales, and Genesys Dominguez displayed shells they found on the beach. However, keeping the shells was against the rules.Christine Sampson
Cosmo Hamada skipped stones into the water as his classmate Jeison Ballesteros looked on.Christine Sampson
Kailey Anderson and Isabella Gonzalez took a selfie in front of the fresh water lake on Plum Island.Christine Sampson
James Farrell showed off a shell he found on the beach at Plum Island.Christine Sampson

‘It made us feel like we were special,’ said one East Hampton fifth grader
A student in Lee Mohlere’s social studies class at John J. Marshall Elementary School in East Hampton took a picture of the Plum Island lighthouse. Christine Sampson
Tom Dwyer is a geologist who works for the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. He showed children aerial photos of the East End, including Plum Island, and pointed out where the students’ message in a bottle was found. Christine SampsonChristine Sampson
David Cataletto, a teacher, and a group of students got an up-close look at the fresh water lake on Plum Island, which is home to diverse populations of wildlife.