One of the many views from a Gin Lane, Southampton, property that sold last year for $75 million. Sotheby's

Hackles raised as Z.B.A. debates village code definition of a garage

Mangement plan urges elimination by 2025
Mute swans like this one at the nature trail in East Hampton Village would be eradicated in the wild by 2025 under a proposed state plan. Durell Godfrey

Plan calls for photovoltaics at 10 town sites

Shopkeepers weigh benefits of continuity against off-season economic pain
Morgan McGivern

Fourteen middle school students may face suspension after organized brawl

Aug. 31, 1921 - Jan. 20, 2014
Former Congressman Pike Dies   Aug. 31, 1921 - Jan. 20, 2014

East Hampton Village officer asked to turn over badge and gun