A tree that toppled into James and Sandra Conklin’s house on Dayton
A tree that toppled into James and Sandra Conklin’s house on Dayton Lane missed Ms. Conklin by a matter of feet. Morgan McGivern

At the height of the storm, the ocean flowed into the Ditch Plain community through the town parking lot at the East Deck Motel. T.E. McMorrow

A large tree fell into this house on Dayton Lane in East Hampton Village. Morgan McGivern

Waves Spilled Into Montauk Streets, Trees Lost, But Impact Not Severe
Montauk motel, Sunday afternoon, Aug. 28 2001
An oceanfront motel in Montauk was seen at low tide following the departure of Irene. David E. Rattray

Hurricane Irene's impact could recall that of the Great New England Hurricane
1938 Hurricane East Hampton
East Hampton's Main Street lost 164 trees during the 1938 Hurricane as houses, vehicles, and other property sustained heavy damage. The East Hampton Star

Siblings to seek trial on D.E.C. fish charges
Shortly after being arraigned for alleged fishing infractions a week ago, Kelly Lester and Paul Lester tended their pound traps off Napeague. Russell Drumm
Last one this strong on East Coast was in 1897

Two 100-year-olds share secrets to longevity
Camilla Jewett and Elsie Garretson
Camilla Jewett, left, and Elsie Garretson soaked up the attention at their 100th birthday celebration hosted by the Ladies Village Improvement Society on Monday. Heather Dubin