Chief argues that further budget cuts would damage the department
Carrie Ann Salvi

Page at 63 Main’s take-out area has been gutted for renovation, and an outdoor seating area is proposed for those who wish to take their food or drink outside. Carrie Ann Salvi

Increased calls have overtaxed the volunteers

Town board approves 11 recommendations
Portions of the downtown Montauk oceanfront suffered severe erosion during the winter of 2012-13. Hampton Pix

Tears, anger over elementary principal’s ouster
Wendy Geehreng Walters, a parent of two children at the John M. Marshall Elementary School, addressed the East Hampton School Board on Tuesday night to support Gina Kraus, John Marshall’s principal. Morgan McGivern

East Hampton priest in Rome for Pope Francis’s selection and first Mass
Msgr. Charles Guarino of Most Holy Trinity Parish said he was blessed to be in Vatican City for the election and inaugural Mass of Pope Francis. Msgr. Charles Guarino

County issues a warning about ‘spot zoning’
Hampton Pix