One fountain, six sinks exceed state limits
Amagansett School Christine Sampson

The group believes that the Village of Sag Harbor has no authority to regulate hunting on private property
A hunter was charged with violating a village law that bans hunting, despite having the homeowner's permission to hunt on Suffolk Street, near Oakland Cemetery. Morgan McGivern

Woodlot Lane has been chosen as a potential new name
Christine Sampson

Poll shows Throne-Holst still largely unknown in district
Lee Zeldin and Anna Throne-Holst Morgan McGivern and Durell Godfrey

Elbert T. Edwards, far left, at an East Hampton Fire Department dinner in April, died last Thursday. Michael Heller

Contestants posed in the look-alike contest. Durell Godfrey photos
Edwina von Gal, who won a look-alike contest with her dog, Clover, and the fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, who designed the T-shirt for this year's event.
The dog walk makes a stop at Main Beach in East Hampton Village before returning to Mulford Farm.
Stella Ames, who helped raise $3,786 for ARF Hamptons, took a moment with Fallon.
Perhaps the tiniest participant, Pippa, was carried by Debbie Loeffler.
Jeff Williams and Murray
There's nothing like a good kiss.
Big and small frolicked in the ocean.

The Everyman of fruit
The old adage “One bad apple spoils the rest” is actually true. Choose apples that are unblemished, fragrant, and firm. And if making crust or strudel dough seems intimidating, feel free to cheat and buy them premade. Laura Donnelly

David Nugent, film festival artistic director Khanh Xiu Tran

Those big bags on the beach? They’re staying
Repairs will be made by the Army Corps after ocean waves last weekend washed away sand, exposing the sandbag seawall installed by the federal agency along the downtown Montauk beach, and leaving a stairway over the dune precariously perched above the surf. Jane Bimson