On Tuesday afternoon, Eric Olsen pleaded for the return of the monster’s carcass in the name of art. Russell Drumm
Those who discovered the Montauk Monster, from left, Courtney Fruin, Jenna Hewitt, and Rachel Goldberg, were interviewed by Andrew Ehinger of News 12 Long Island, as well as by a host of others.Janis Hewitt
Ugly dead creature fuels wild Internet speculation
Montauk Monster by Jenna Hewitt
What’s being called the Montauk Monster is probably a more common critter. Jenna Hewitt
Dr. Christine Asaro operated on a feral cat that was trapped and taken to the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons. It was later released. ARF Hamptons

A caller reported flames were blowing out windows at a house on Hands Creek Road in East Hampton.
The deck outside of the house partially collapsed. Morgan McGivern
Tom Baker, an East Hampton Town fire marshal, is investigating the cause of the fire. Morgan McGivern

The Army Corps has not yet begun work on the downtown Montauk beach. David E. Rattray

Firefighters prevented flames from spreading beyond an exterior wall at Gosman's Dock restaurant in Montauk on Friday night. T.E. McMorrow
Smoke was billowing out from Gosman's Dock on Friday night.Christopher Walsh
Over 100 firefighters from three departments responded to Gosman's Dock.Christopher Walsh

Lilia Aucapina of Sagaponack was reported missing on Saturday night, and police have charged her husband with violating an order of protection in at least one incident that took place the morning of her disappearance.

Danielle Gofi ran one of the check out registers Friday morning as the first customers lined up. Morgan McGivern
The revamped produce aisleMorgan McGivern
At a ribbon-cutting on Friday morning, Stop and Shop presented a $2,000 donation to East Hampton Meals on Wheels. Pictured from left, Mary Jane Lewando, Tom Lettich, the store manager, Anthony Devivio and Gretchen S. Howe of Meals on Wheels, and Ryan Mitzer of Stop and Shop.Morgan McGivern
East Hampton Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell with Tom Lettich, the store's managerMorgan McGivern
The new checkout areas were noticeably free of clutter on Friday morning.Morgan McGivern

Helicopter company dominates Republican intake
HeliFlite Shares of Newark, N.J., was listed as contributing $5,000 to East Hampton Republicans and their backers, as was MVRE, which shares the same Newark address. Morgan McGivern

November hearing expected on new law