But Sanders is winning organizational race
Trump supporters may not be gathering for get-out-the-vote events, but they are here. Above, bar patron wore cap bearing Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again." Levi Shaw-Faber

We thought our seven seas were too big and too deep to be muddied by land-based activities
We used to think our oceans were too big and too deep to be sullied by land-based activities, but we know now that our marine waters are probably even more vulnerable than the land they surround. Durell Godfrey

Musical tackles mature topics, but student talents were up to the challenge
Ciara Bowen, left, Nick Pucci, and Gage Reimboth-Lynch got into character during rehearsals for East Hampton High School’s production of the rock opera “Rent.” Durell Godfrey
Nick Pucci, a senior, plays one of the starring roles in "Rent." He is Roger Davis, a rock musician living with H.I.V. Durell Godfrey
Several scenes in "Rent" feature energetic choreography.Durell Godfrey

Gordon Ryan was crowned Mr. Amagansett 2015. Morgan McGivern

Elijah Jackson was all smiles after Bridgehampton's win on Tuesday night. He scored four three-pointers, helping to propel the Bees forward to the East regional final. Jack Graves
Elijah Jackson made a fast break. Jack Graves

For thrift shoppers in East Hampton, the February drought ended Tuesday as the Bargain Box reopened its doors after a monthlong break. Durell Godfrey