Forget aliens and dye, algae bloom is blamed for sudden color change
East Hampton Town Pond
Early morning visitors on Saturday were startled to see that Town Pond in East Hampton had turned a shade of bright green, seemingly overnight. Matthew Charron

A new sponsor is keeping the fuse lit on Three Mile Harbor fireworks display
When this weekend’s fireworks shows are done, pyrotechnics fans still have the Bastille Day show over Three Mile Harbor to look forward to. Carissa Katz

In 2009 Hartstein neighbor had similar symptoms

Overrides, exemptions, sharing soften blow

A town directive raises questions of protocol for board members

Steven Gaines, a Republican running for East Hampton Town Board, was among the candidates who attended a Group For Good Government’s gathering in East Hampton on Sunday afternoon. Morgan McGivern

Construction sparks suspected in Gagosian fire
A fire that was initially blamed on construction-related activity at Larry Gagosian’s Further Lane, Amagansett, house Tuesday evening, caused extensive interior damage from water and smoke. A recent aerial view showed the art dealer’s sprawling compound. Hampton Pix Photos

A hazardous materials team from Southampton's fire department was dispatched as a precautionary measure

A garbage truck flipped and crashed on the Napeague stretch of Montauk Highway Friday afternoon. David E. Rattray

Highway superintendent is under fire again