The dogs, sometimes called biosensor dogs, are trained to find the living and the dead. On Tuesday, they were used going from Turtle Cove at Montauk Point. T.E. McMorrow

Morgan McGivern

Bail set in Southampton court totals $57,500
Facing more than 170 charges related to his allegedly renting out several houses for prom and graduation parties, Lee Hnetinka left Southampton Town Justice Court late Friday after posting $57,500 bail. T.E. McMorrow

New commander, an Iraq war vet, is 27
Lance Cpl. Roger King has taken charge as the new commander of Sag Harbor’s Veterans of Foreign Wars post. Carrie Ann Salvi

Through the brush and along the beach, looking for hospital executive
At Hartman’s Briney Breezes Motel in Montauk, where George Richardson was staying before he disappeared on Aug. 28. Suffolk police dogs and their handlers searched a wooded area near the motel yesterday. T.E. McMorrow

Peter Kirsch, at right, an attorney with expertise in airport affairs, has been advising the East Hampton Town Board. Jim Brundige, the East Hampton Airport manager, is at left. Morgan McGivern

From Sagaponack to Water Mill, oceanfront property owners would bear the cost of coastal restoration
Oceanfront residents from Water Mill to Sagaponack are weighing in about a $28 million beach nourishment project proposed to protect a declining six-mile stretch of beach. Carrie Ann Salvi

Late blight strikes again, leaving fruit to die on vine
Tomatoes killed off by late blight
Tomatoes killed off by late blight have been found on farms throughout the East End. Carrie Ann Salvi

It’s chaos. It’s a party. It’s Montauk after hours — last call 3:30 a.m.
Remi Shobitan, master of the deck bar at Montauk’s Surf Lodge, on the summer season’s penultimate night T.E. McMorrow

Complaint by angry caller prompts F.B.I. visit