State budgets $150,000 for South Fork students

Where luxury, over-55 houses were planned, a hope for open space
Soldier Ride, a charity that raises money for wounded military veterans, has for several years hosted the Rock the Farm benefit on the former farmland along Montauk Highway in Amagansett. Carrie Ann Salvi
East Hampton Town is expected to seek public comment on April 17 on a plan to buy two parcels, denoted in green above, for $10 million.The East Hampton Star

An East Hampton woman is trying to save a pit bull mix in the Bronx

Former South Carolina treasurer, now reality TV star, admits to D.W.I. in East Hampton
Thomas Ravenel at East Hampton Town Justice Court in October T.E. McMorrow

Lane shifts will begin Monday between Southampton and East Hampton
A sign on Montauk Highway near Green Hollow Road in East Hampton has been updated to indicate the new start date of roadwork on the route from Stephen Hand's Path to County Road 39. Jennifer Landes

Gansett and E.H. to help beleaguered vols
Ten of the 11 advanced life support providers hired by the Amagansett Fire District
Ten of the 11 advanced life support providers hired by the Amagansett Fire District for a new partially paid ambulance service were at a meeting Tuesday. Morgan McGivern

Intoxication, not alcohol, is problem, clerk says

Proposed restrictions on landscaping and construction need a redo, they say
Several landscaping companies’ owners have implored the East Hampton Village Board not to restrict the periods in which their crews can use gas-powered leaf blowers. Morgan McGivern

"There was no place left to go," said the East Hampton School Board president
Every department, all three schools in the district, and every grade "took a hit," the school board president said of the proposed 2014-15 budget. Morgan McGivern

New rules to target summer fund-raisers