A Montauk Fire Department ambulance navigated as best it could around snow plows and vehicles on the road on Wednesday afternoon.Morgan McGivern Photos

A fire hydrant on Dunemere Lane in East Hampton Village is cleared. Morgan McGivern
An example of a buried hydrantMorgan McGivern

Snow is frozen rain that starts with a particle of dust, pollen, clay, or some other tiny thing that serves as a nucleus
It may not actually be true that no two snowflakes are alike, but their varieties are dizzying. Durell Godfrey

The Ladies Village Improvement Society of East Hampton still will hold its big $1 sale, despite the delay due to the blizzard. The Blow Out Sale begins Thursday and ends Saturday. Durell Godfrey
There are always lots of good finds at the Blow Out Sale.Durell Godfrey

Main Street in East Hampton Village was cleared for drivers by Wednesday morning. Taylor K. Vecsey

A Mack trucks on Dunemere Lane in East Hampton Village carted away snow on Tuesday morning. Morgan McGivern

T.E. McMorrow
T.E. McMorrow
T.E. McMorrow
The beach at the Royal Atlantic MotelT.E. McMorrow
T.E. McMorrow
T.E. McMorrow
Surf Taxi, driven by Leo Almonte, the company owner, seemed to be the only taxi still riding around Tuesday. T.E. McMorrow
The Beach House HotelT.E. McMorrow
The Montauk Market was still buried by snow on Tuesday afternoon.T.E. McMorrow
Downtown MontaukChris Behan