Army Corps would install sandbags in two phases
The East Hampton Town Board has been asked whether it wants the Army Corps of Engineers to work east to west on the downtown dune project or to address the most vulnerable central area first. David E. Rattray

Mayor wants a piece of the pie for the village

Mill Hill Lane neighbors concerned about what they say is a ‘mighty big house’
A new house on 42 Mill Hill Lane. Matthew Charron

East Hampton Town Police Chief Michael Sarlo, left, and fellow officers helped hand out certificates to the students of the week during a spirit meet on Friday, including Madison Kelly, left, and Jacen Sheades. Durell Godfrey
Eighteen police officers were honored at a Springs School spirit meet on Friday as part of a national program to show appreciation for law enforcement officers.Durell Godfrey
East Hampton Town Police Officer Barry Johnson with some of the students after the presentation.Durell Godfrey
East Hampton Village Police Lt. Tony Long with a future police officer.Durell Godfrey
The 12 officers who attended the presentation who are parents of Springs School students. Clockwise, Lt. Tony Long, Officer Barry Johnson, Sgt. John Claflin, Sgt. Pete Schmitt, Sgt. Joe Kearney, Chief Michael Sarlo, Sgt. Tony Vargas, Public Safety Dispatcher Steve Blanchard, Officer Kim Notel (whose son is now in high school, but she is the longtime school resource officer at Springs), Sgt. Manny Vilar of the NYS Parks Police, Sgt. Matthew Morgan, and Detective Steve Sheades.Durell Godfrey
Durell Godfrey
Town Police Chief Michael Sarlo greets a student at the Springs School. Durell Godfrey
Durell Godfrey
East Hampton Village Sgt. Matthew Morgan, Village Lt. Tony Long, and New York State Parks Police Sgt. Manny Vilar, all of whom are parents at the school, with two of the students of the week.Durell Godfrey
Sgt. Pete Schmitt was among the officers who are also parents at the Springs School.Durell Godfrey

Thomas Gilbert Jr.
Thomas Gilbert Jr.

North Fork lawmaker says project is ‘sure to fail’
David E. Rattray
David E. Rattray

Former fire marshal in hospital with lacerations
Two pit bulls, Marley, left, and Max, will likely be euthanized once a quarantine period ends after they attacked James Dunlop as he walked down Todd Drive in East Hampton on New Year’s Day. Morgan McGivern