Ephraim Munoz, class of 2027, sees old and new in ever-changing town
Seated in their living room one recent evening, Carlos Munoz, Israel Munoz, Ephraim Munoz, and Marci Vail talked about their hopes for the future. Durell Godfrey

Up to 3,000 truck trips to take sand to Montauk
The Army Corps's initial work zone will extend east from South Edison Street (seen above in December 2012, two months after Hurricane Sandy) to the Atlantic Terrace resort. Doug Kuntz
The Montauk oceanfront as it appeared in January.David E. Rattray

‘Only thing missing is a gun and a mask,’ Thiele says

Three organizations presented options for full-day programs to school board

A volunteer with the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center in Hampton Bays saved an opossum trapped between to gate spindles on Friday. James J. Froehlich
Adrienne Gillespie, an animal care technicians at the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Center, with the opossum rescued in Sag Harbor Village.Penny Moser

Stricter limits on helicopters; public hearing to be set
Morgan McGivern

It may be hard to spot, but that's the number 1,000 marked on a cake celebrating Josh Lamison's 1,000th point as a Bridgehampton Killer Bee Tuesday night. Tony Lambert