Facing $400,000 in repairs at two beaches, village will seek FEMA assistance
The East Hampton Village Board considered adding a bulkhead to the road end at Georgica Beach at its meeting last Thursday. Morgan McGivern

Detective Giles ‘had a feeling’ about accused rapist
Detective Tina Giles will be honored by the East Hampton Town police as officer of the year after leading an investigation that resulted in the arrest of a man alleged to be a repeat sexual abuser of children. Morgan McGivern

On the galloping sea for fish, glory, something more
Tropical it’s not. Offshore fishing trips in winter are not for the faint of heart. Russell Drumm

Complicated applications led to some controversial decisions in 2012

Tom Bono, a mechanic at the East Hampton Town garage
Tom Bono, a mechanic at the East Hampton Town garage, is in charge of wiring the console of the Ford Taurus Interceptor, the newest police vehicle in the department fleet. Photos

Korean tradition draws nearly 1,000 to Montauk Point in predawn hours
Montauk Point has become a popular predawn New Year’s Day destination, with hundreds of Koreans and Korean-Americans there to greet the first sunrise of the new year. T.E. McMorrow photos

Lazy Point revetment among tough decisions
For the second time in two months, an extremely high tide in Gardiner’s Bay surrounded a house off Mulford Lane at Lazy Point, where the East Hampton Town Zoning Board of Appeals recently approved a revetment. David E. Rattray

Dr. Turetsky praised for ‘humanitarian’ approach
Dr. Jonathan Turetsky was named the state wild-animal rehabilitator of 2012.
Morgan McGivern

Hurricane Sandy ‘is still happening,’ says Fire Department’s Dennis O’Reilly
Dennis O'Reilly

More swimmers may mean coughing, rashes
The director of the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter said recently that because of heavy pool use upgrades to the facility’s water filtration and ventilation should be undertaken. Jack Graves