Morgan McGivern

Ronald King Jr. of Springs will be brought back to East Hampton Town Justice Court today from county jail, where he has been since being charged Saturday night with felony drunken driving. T.E. McMorrow

Those interested in Tesla Motors and electric driving can learn about both at the East Hampton gallery
Staffers at the Tesla Motors gallery on Newtown Lane prepared to welcome visitors as a Model X sport utility vehicle stood ready for inspection and test drives.

A very sad scene
A pygmy sperm whale mother and calf washed ashore at Shagwong Beach west of Montauk Point last week. Turkey vultures were quick to find them. Victoria Bustamante Photos

Christine Sampson
The East Hampton Village Ambulance Association took the driver of the Jeep Wrangler to the hospital.Morgan McGivern

No, that's not a real giraffe taking a stroll in the East Hampton Village Nature Trail. Durell Godfrey photos

A mason working at 62 Further Lane died after a fall there Tuesday morning. Hampton Pix

Corps of Engineers plans to reinforce an existing revetment along 840 feet of shore.
Morgan McGivern