Actress and philanthropist, 93, returned to place she was said to love most
Dina Merrill, left, with Roy and Frieda Furman at a 1992 benefit for the New York chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

Smoke was pouring from the eaves of the Satellite AutoGlass building.

Dell Cullum, seen in December while cleaning trash from an osprey nest at the entrance to Three Mile Harbor. Durell Godfrey

With summer nigh, employers gather for advice on visas and seasonal workers
Nadine Trinh, an attorney with the firm Jackson Lewis, offered insights on current immigration regulations affecting employers during an East Hampton Business Alliance breakfast at Cittanuova last week. Carissa Katz

Members of the East Hampton Village Zoning Board of Appeals were pleased that Ellin Salzman seeks only minor additions and alterations to a house on Spaeth Lane that The New York Times called “a landmark of white modernism in East Hampton.” Durell Godfrey

Sag Harbor tells gas station to remove 60-foot flagpole
The Sag Harbor Village Zoning Board of Appeals denied a variance for a 60-foot flagpole, which was put up without permission at the gas station on Route 114. Taylor K. Vecsey

All budgets pass; board newcomers fare well
Patrick Brabant, left, won a write-in campaign for a seat on the Springs School Board, and Claudia Quintana, also a write-in, bested an incumbent to win a seat on the Amagansett School Board.

Candidates seek the Independence Party’s nod
East Hampton Town Councilman Peter Van Scoyoc was among the candidates who sought the Independence Party’s endorsement on Monday. Christopher Walsh

Contrary to assumptions, projections show more future impacts along the bayfront than at the ocean
Waves from Gardiner's Bay during a storm in January overwashed a narrow section of Gerard Drive, causing officials to close the road. Consultants hired by East Hampton Town to develop a coastal assessment resiliency plan say the town's bayfront is more susceptible to impacts from storm surge and sea level than the oceanfront. Joanne Pilgrim