Morgan McGivern

Amy Duryea-Kelly and Tom Flight asked the Montauk School Board to increase the 2013-14 budget proposal to pay for smaller class sizes, especially for younger students. The answer was no, and the board approved the budget for $18.7 million on Tuesday. Janis Hewitt

Cliffside 11-acre resort where Nixon slept has a 6-foot-6 ‘white knight’
The buyer of Gurney’s Inn is reported to be George Filopoulos, president of Metrovest Equities. Hampton Pix

Pitch 89-unit Amagansett complex for 55-plus
A Connecticut developer has hopes of building a multi-unit housing complex on this vacant parcel in Amagansett. Hampton Pix

Officals have the will, but not the budget, to comply with disabilities law
David E. Rattray

Lack of agreement on wages, safety, schedule

Board members want to know who is in the pool and belly up at the bar

Springs board ‘looking to give money back’

Potter, Cunningham, Burke Gonzalez in mix

Board won’t go along with ‘dropping rocks’ without an engineer’s okay
East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson wants to “drop rocks” on the Montauk oceanfront, bypassing town law and other recommendations from a coastal erosion committee on shorefront protection. Hampton Pix