Storied house had just two owners in 139 years
Perched above the beach at Georgica, Kilkare boasts chevron-ribbed ceilings, wide-plank pumpkin pine floors, and the grand staircase with the widened treads to accommodate women wearing Victorian gowns. Durell Godfrey

Jane Bimson

Wainscott residents want different landing site
A page from a booklet prepared by Deepwater Wind last fall shows how a cable from the offshore South Fork Wind Farm would be landed onshore. Deepwater Wind

Youth vote could turn tide in November midterms
Galvanized in part by a spate of school shootings, a record number of 18 to 22-year-olds have registered to vote this year. Above, East Hampton High School student activists joined in a national school walkout in March. Durell Godfrey

John Aldred of the East Hampton Town Trustees, center, with Charlie Niggles and Terry O’Riordan, weighed the contestants in the trustees’ Largest Clam Contest on Sunday. Durell Godfrey
Ed Hoff Jr. took honors for the largest clam in this year's contest. Durell Godfrey

In sweeping effort to clean up public spaces, plastic straws are also nixed
Main Beach and other East Hampton Village beaches will be smoke-free zones soon. The village board approved a law Friday banning smoking or vaping on public property, including beaches, streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. Durell Godfrey

Amanda Fairbanks, Liza Tremblay, and Sarah Cohen are co-founders of the Shed, a new shared workspace for women at Estia’s Little Kitchen in Sag Harbor on Tuesdays starting next week. Johnette Howard

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Their old-time rock ’n’ roll was exactly what the South Fork clubgoers craved
Hot Wax — from left, Bucky Silipo, Fred Goodman, Bruce Beyer, and Bruce Macarthy — will mark 40 years of rock ‘n’ roll on Saturday. Courtesy of Bruce Beyer
Bruce Macarthy, the longtime guitarist of Hot Wax Courtesy of Bruce Beyer