Rick White

Officials press for cut of $50 billion Sandy aid
Representative Peter King, center, with a group of Long Island residents and people involved with the post-Sandy restoration effort who traveled to Washington on Tuesday for the House of Representative's vote on a $50.7 billion hurricane relief package. Doug Kuntz

Schenck trusted her until Mercedes arrived

Blasts ‘occur without warning and leave no evidence’
Although some have speculated that the Long Island Power Authority substation is the source of the sound of explosions being heard around Montauk, a spokesman said that’s just not possible. Janis Hewitt

Democrats see lifting listing as a way to end lawsuit

Scrutinize dock and pool on Lake Montauk; debate house move on Gardiner’s Bay

Riverhead Foundation staff — and hundreds of spectators — seized a rare opportunity to examine a dead whale up close after a 58-foot female finback washed onto the Napeague Beach on Sunday. Russell Drumm

A new bridge at Pussy’s Pond, the culmination of a years-long effort, is near completion. The new bridge will be celebrated at Ashawagh Hall on Jan. 27. Christopher Walsh