Warn on environment in Congress primary race
Anna Throne-Holst and Dave Calone, vying for the Democratic Party’s nomination to face United States Rep. Lee Zeldin in the Nov. 8 election. Christopher Walsh

Gerard Drive breach worries emergency responders
Recent high tides during storms have overwashed a portion of Gerard Drive in Springs. David E. Rattray
Heavy seas and successive high tides battered the Georgica Association bath house and parking lot, which were left exposed on Tuesday morning.Morgan McGivern

They accuse big player of poaching agents
The four new South Fork offices include its Bridgehampton outpost on Main Street. Morgan McGivern

But retirements will likely bring down salary costs

Ditch Plain condominium trailer will be raised on pilings to appease FEMA

Firefighters surveyed the damage after a fire broke out at Lazy Point Thursday morning.
Firefighters finished up after extinguishing a fire in a small greenhouse and shed on Lazy Point Thursday.

The photos in “My Sag Harbor Bird Notebook” are as fine as any I have ever come across
A great blue heron waited for a meal along a snowy wetland edge this month. Terry Sullivan

Brandon Kennedy-Gay drove to the basket in Tuesday night's game. John Musnicki