Family claims they are being targeted
Kelly Lester and her son, Will Bennett, stood by the roadside clam and oyster stand she was ticketed for operating. She said it seemed as if state conservation police were giving her fishing family excessive scrutiny. Russell Drumm

Two injured as vintage aircraft hits cornfield
70-year-old Ryan P-22
This roughly 70-year-old Ryan P-22 had its engine cut out before it dropped into a Sagaponack field on Sunday. Hampton Pix
Town workers file protests over assignments

Tim Bishop slams Republican plan, concerned about bond-rating drop

Soldier Ride and related events took participants from Sag Harbor to Amagansett on Saturday. Clockwise from left, JoAnn Lyles, the mother of Lance Cpl. Jordan C. Haerter, spoke that morning in Sag Harbor, where veterans from as far away as Israel joined the ride; Army Specialist Joshua Craven rode a hand cycle, and later, Lance Cpl. John Curtin and Cpl. Joseph Woodke celebrated at the Rock the Farm concert in Amagansett. Heather Dubin, Durell Godfrey, and Morgan McGivern Photos

Montauk whale on the beach
A juvenile sperm whale stranded on the beach near Ditch Plain, Montauk, early Saturday. Jamie Loeb

Says assessments violate applicants’ rights

Disputed Sagaponack acreage is being prepped to grow big houses
 600-square-foot cottage
The Sagaponack Architectural and Historic Review Board has approved the demolition of this 600-square-foot cottage, on land that once belonged to the White family. Morgan McGivern

Advocate wants to know about obstacles

County party ignores local choice; Cohen out