Some want no through traffic or big trucks off Cedar Street
Morgan McGivern

He thought the gun wasn't loaded, police said

Mayor vows to review chairman’s actions
Andrew Goldstein
Andrew Goldstein, chairman of the East Hampton Village Zoning Board of Appeals, pictured last year, was booed at the board's meeting on Sept. 14 after he told the lawyer representing the Maidstone Club to sit down or he would call security. Carissa Katz.

Cause was electrical, fire marshal suspects
The roof and second floor of this Long Lane barn were destroyed by an electrical fire last Thursday afternoon. Morgan McGivern

Legislator thinks it would be the first time the county sued one of its towns
To create drainage to alleviate flooding, the town had agricultural soil removed from protected county farmland. David E. Rattray

Settlement track abandoned on lawyer’s advice

Residents say county fails to warn them before the helicopters arrive

The dogs, sometimes called biosensor dogs, are trained to find the living and the dead. On Tuesday, they were used going from Turtle Cove at Montauk Point. T.E. McMorrow

Morgan McGivern

Bail set in Southampton court totals $57,500
Facing more than 170 charges related to his allegedly renting out several houses for prom and graduation parties, Lee Hnetinka left Southampton Town Justice Court late Friday after posting $57,500 bail. T.E. McMorrow