Bishop and Altschuler campaigns each predict victories on Tuesday
Tim Bishop and Randy Altschuler Durell Godfrey, Morgan McGivern

Toppled utility poles were common, knocking out electricity and, in some cases, telephone service, to thousands of people. Julie Penny

Rocks that once helped protect Soundview Drive in Montauk were thrown by the heavy surf onto the pavement. Jeremy Samuelson

A food-service building on the beach at Gurney’s Inn in Montauk was lost to Hurricane Sandy’s raging assault. Russell Drumm

Emergency volunteers shielded a 92-year-old woman as she was taken onto a Shelter Island ferry Monday afternoon. Capt. Sherri Surozenski

Golden Pear, East Hampton
Golden Pear, East Hampton Carissa Katz

Police have not yet identified woman, who appears to have been victim of storm

Sandy swept dunes away; oceanfront hotels undermined, Soundview pummeled
Motel row in downtown Montauk sustained even more damange than during Hurricane Irene last year. Russell Drumm

Larry Cantwell mulls return to town politics
Larry Cantwell is mulling a return to politics when he retires next year after 30 years at his village post.
Larry Cantwell, the East Hampton Village administrator for 30 years, plans to leave his post in June or July. Larry LaVigne II

Napeague, Three Mile Harbor are exceptions