Lobsters love a rock-strewn environment
The striped bass 11-year-old Joseph Nesbit caught off Montauk Point on Saturday looked nearly as big as him. It was 35 inches long and weighed about 15 pounds. Dyanna Nesbitt

“On This Site”
Jeremy Dennis outside Guild Hall, where his exhibition “East Hampton Indigenous” is on view. Mark Segal
Fiona, posed in Vermont for Mr. Dennis’s “Nothing Happened Here” series.
Ghost of the White Deer,” was inspired by an oral story from the Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma
Erica Phillips, left, was photographed at the 2015 Shinnecock Powwow, one of many she attended on the East Coast. Anna Cuffee, right, also photographed at the Shinnecock Powwow in 2015, plans to teach at the reservation’s preschool. Jeremy Dennis Photos

Residents on the island of Dominica dealing with the damage caused by Hurricane Maria. Courtesy of Charity Robinson
Charity Robinson, a yoga teacher in Amagansett, taught dance in schools when she lived in Dominica in the Caribbean.Courtesy of Charity Robinson

Bridgehampton will get a geothermal heating system following voters' approval on Tuesday. Christine Sampson

Drew Scott with his twin granddaughters, Hallie Rae Ulrich, left, and Ellison Ulrich, who turned 22 on Aug. 30, about a week before Hallie Rae's fatal overdose. Photos Courtesy of Drew Scott
Hallie Rae Ulrich struggled with opioid addiction for two years, her grandfather said.
Hallie Rae was an accomplished artist. She is seen here at the Behind the Fence Gallery in Southampton last summer at work on a piece recently sold to a honey farm in California.

Pumpkins in the Bridgehampton Lions Club pumpkin carving contest range from scary to amusing. Durell Godfrey photos
An entry in the Trumpkin category in 2015.

Sydney Jones, who has breakfast at John Papas Cafe every morning, peered through the glass after finding the front door shattered and the diner closed Sunday morning. Durell Godfrey photos
There was not much sign of a fire from the front of John Papas later on Sunday morning, except for a shattered front door.
The East Hampton Fire Department was called to John Papas Cafe at about 2:15 a.m.Michael Heller
Firefighters searched for any extension of the fire. Michael Heller
Michael Heller
Michael Heller
At left, Jamalia Hayes, the East Hampton Fire Department's second assistant chief, and Gerry Turza, the first assistant chief, helped Chief Ken Wessberg with fire operations. Micheal Heller
Michael Heller