Marchers in the East Hampton Memorial Day parade were undaunted by heavy rain. Morgan McGivern

Lili Adams, Montauk
Lili Adams, who sells food from the Ditch Witch wagon at Montauk’s Ditch Plain Beach, found herself at the center of a Facebook revolution when it appeared that town officials might give her usual spot to another vendor. Janis Hewitt

The “core four” are, from left, Ian Lynch, Cameron Yusko, John Nolan, and Zach Grossman. Missing from the photo are John Pizzo and Jim McMullan. Jack Graves

Court rejects village’s arguments against it
Tom Twomey, left, the chairman of the East Hampton Library board, and its director, Dennis Fabizak, right, spoke last Thursday at a press conference announcing the libary’s victory in a lawsuit againt East Hampton Village. Morgan McGivern

As fish numbers decline, ‘quiet trend’ raises concerns up and down coast
Striped bass populations seem to be on the wane, but the decline is probably not due to overfishing, experts said. Jim Levison

Zach Cohen gets endorsement; Bill Wilkinson questions his credibility
Supervisor Bill Wilkinson, with Tina Piette
Supervisor Bill Wilkinson, with Tina Piette, a Republican committeewoman, got ready to give his 2011 campaign bumper sticker a test drive during a G.O.P. meet-the-candidates event at East Hampton Point on Sunday.

By Fran Castan
Sam Castan interviewing Gen. Ton That Dinh in November 1963, shortly after the death of President Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam. The general played an essential role in the coup.