A box turtle Susan Dusenberry

Jeff Williams and Murray were among the participants at a previous year's Stroll to the Sea, an Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons fund-raiser, happening Saturday morning in East Hampton. Durell Godfrey

Lengthy process gets longer after judge’s rebuke

Deepwater hosts officials as questions linger over a second offshore site
Bryan Wilson and Clint Plummer of Deepwater Wind detailed the Block Island Wind Farm to South Fork residents on Monday. Christopher Walsh
The Block Island Wind Farm’s five turbines, three miles offshore, rise as high as 600 feet above the ocean’s surface. Christopher Walsh

A message in a bottle crosses the Atlantic
The message in a bottle cast out to sea in 2008 by Eric Perez, then a Montauk student, washed up on the shores of Normandy, France, in late August. Courtesy of La Presse de la Manche 9

Academy for autistic children at former C.D.C.H.
Durell Godfrey

‘We should be able to communicate,’ a program co-founder says
Louise Bergerson’s English as a second language class used mini white boards to practice spelling and writing numbers during the second session of the academic year. Jackie Pape

Police tape can be seen near the spot on Farm Lane in East Hampton where an 82-year-old man was found injured on Sunday following an apparent hit-and-run. Jackie Pape