"The court finds that construction on the project has gone far enough that for economic reasons, it would be impractical and wasteful to delay it any further," wrote Judge Arthur D. Spatt of the United States District Court in Islip. Joanne Pilgrim

The Coast Guard instructed Capt. Roy Fridenberger to "put the boat on the beach.” T.E. McMorrow
On Sunday the Fridenberger family, including eight brothers and five sisters, were on the beach surveying the situation and working to salvage what they could of the vessel, which has been in the family for over 30 years.T.E. McMorrow
Brett Fridenberger was one of three brothers on the sinking boat on Saturday.T.E. McMorrow

Lilia Aucapina was found dead in the woods behind her house in Sagaponack on Saturday.

The Montauk Lighthouse will be aglow, starting Saturday. Janis Hewitt

‘Government doesn’t know what it’s like to live like we live,’ retiree says
A lack of cost-of-living increases in 2016 will be hard on older residents on fixed incomes, like Charlie Cavalieri and Michael Geller, who eat lunch together at the East Hampton Town Senior Citizens Center. Christine Sampson

In an on-the-spot straw poll, opponents far outnumbered supporters
Tom Steele, an active opponent of a proposal to establish a rental registry in East Hampton Town, distributed information to the town board at a hearing on the proposal last week. Morgan McGivern