Giving blood can help save a life. Durell Godfrey

Homeowners left with logs after crews cut trees
Heaps of felled pines and other trees remained on a Northwest Woods homeowner's property this week. Town officials paid for the tree cutting to control destructive beetles, but said they could not also pay for the cost of removing the logs and debris. David E. Rattray
In East Hampton so far, the damage has mostly been confined to pitch pines.David E. Rattray
The southern pine beetles leave reddish serpentine patterns reminiscent of a henna design that can be seen if the bark is pulled away.David E. Rattray

Wainscott committee questions Beach Lane landing site
Deepwater Wind’s recent presentation included a map detailing four possible routes for the South Fork Wind Farm’s cable after a proposed landing at Beach Lane in Wainscott.

Harvest up, prices down, and ‘nice plump meat’ bodes well for coming months
Distant scallopers searched the waters of Three Mile Harbor on Sunday. The East Hampton Town Trustees broke with tradition this year to allow a recreational harvest a day before the commercial boats began work. David E. Rattray

Removed from rolls after texted threat, he levels due process claim at Sag F.D.

Tracing a family history of Huntington’s disease
At the East Hampton Library Susan Gandolfo MacNeill discussed her self-published book about her grandparents and her family’s connection to Huntington’s disease. Judy D’Mello
Ms. MacNeill at about 5, with her uncle Edmund Payne, home for the funeral of his father, who died of Huntington’s disease. Some years later, he proved to have the disease himself. Courtesy of Susan Gandolfo MacNeill

A Pulitzer Prize-winning masterpiece that became the blueprint for American stage tragedy
As “Hamlet” is to Shakespeare, so is “Death of a Salesman” to Arthur Miller. The play is being performed at Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor through Nov. 25. Lenny Stucker

I keep track of each bit of nature as it crops up — crows, blue jays, butterflies, and the like
An adult herring gull fed a fish to an immature great black-backed gull. There are a number of species of gulls on the South Fork, each with slightly different markings and habits. Terry Sullivan