District has 1,100 students in grades pre-K to 12

Family seeks to clear legal hurdles for various businesses on 71 acres
The Tintle family is seeking preliminary site-plan approvals for three parcels zoned for commercial-industrial use in Wainscott, Morgan McGivern

To describe four-poster system at meeting tonight

Zeldin hears from Bishop on pending affairs

Bill Wilkinson joins opponents as town’s noise analysis alarms industry

After the winning goal Sunday, the team was ecstatic. John Musnicki
John Musnicki

East Hampton Fire Department's heavy rescue squad worked to remove a woman from inside a Subaru that was lying on its side after an accident involving a Dodge 4-door pick-up truck on Wednesday on Newtown Lane, near Cooper Lane, in East Hampton Village. Morgan McGivern
Rescuers worked were able to extricate the patient about 50 minutes after her car rolled over. Morgan McGivern
Students walking home from school passed by the accident at the intersection of Newtown and Cooper Lanes on Wednesday afternoon.Morgan McGivern

An electric-vehicle charging station has been installed at East Hampton Town Hall. David E. Rattray

Noel Hear and Anouk Bernard, girl scouts, who wore patriotic scarves, led part of a ceremony at the flagpole at the Montauk Playhouse Community Center on Tuesday. Janis Hewitt
Veterans lined up at the war monument by the Hook Mill in East Hampton Village after a short march on Veterans Day.Morgan McGivern
Members of the community turned out to give the veterans a round of applause as they walked in the parade.Morgan McGivern
Boy scouts saluted the veterans during the ceremony in Montauk.Janis Hewitt
John Behan, a former New York State Assemblyman and Vietnam war veteran, spoke at the ceremony. He lost both legs in a land-mine explosion in 1966.Janis Hewitt
The crowd that gathered at the Montauk Playhouse Community Center on Veterans DayJanis Hewitt
Tony Corvi, a veteran, and Lisa DeVeglio, the president of the Montauk Playhouse Community Center FoundationJanis Hewitt
The East Hampton Town Police Department helped salute the veterans. From left, Joe Izzo, Lt. Chris Hatch, Officer Chelsea Tierney, and Officer Barry Johnson.Janis Hewitt
This Doberman was a nice patriotic addition at the East Hampton parade. Morgan McGivern
Connie Anderson was among the attendees at the East Hampton parade, and showed off her American flag bag.Morgan McGivern

Darcy Rodriguez with her daughter, Katalina, a number of years ago. Facebook