Tracy Stoloff and Thomas Muse were the latest to be arrested in an ongoing protest of the Army Corps's work on the downtown Montauk beach. T.E. McMorrow

Her last text reminded children she loved them
Carlos R. Aucapina said he believes his estranged wife, Lilia, who has been missing since Oct. 10, is still alive. T.E. McMorrow

Morgan McGivern
East Hampton Village Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. thanked the veterans after the parade.Morgan McGivern
Morgan McGivern
Mastery Gunnery Sgt. Brian Carabine, who leads the V.F.W. Post, center, was one of the veterans taking part in the parade Wednesday.Morgan McGivern
Two young girls enjoyed a Veterans pancake breakfast to kick off Veterans Day at the East Hampton Y.M.C.A. RECenter on Wednesday morning.Morgan McGivern
Kids with Camp Soul Grow offered a wreath in honor of veterans in Montauk.Janis Hewitt
Mia Walsh, left, and Beatrice Flight waved their own homemade flag in Montauk.Janis Hewitt
Boy scouts saluted the troops in Montauk.Janis Hewitt
The anniversary of Armistice Day was observed at the American Legion in Amagansett at the 11th hour of the 11th month at 11 a.m.Morgan McGivern

John Behan, a former New York State Assemblyman and Vietnam war veteran, spoke at a ceremony in Montauk last year. He lost both legs in a land-mine explosion in 1966. Janis Hewitt
A Veterans Day march in Sag Harbor will kick off at 10 a.m.Morgan McGivern

Lisa Spellman, who flashed a peace sign, and Bess Rattray, were arrested on disorderly conduct charges Monday morning. Joanne Pilgrim
The Montauk oceanfront work zone on Monday morning, where contractors were excavating sand and placing steel structures into the ground for the Army Corps of Engineers reinforced dune seawall project. Joanne Pilgrim
East Hampton Town police officers arrested two women who refused to leave the construction zone.Joanne Pilgrim

Surfers spread out in a long line, facing a similar line of supporters on the sand, raised their arms and chanted “No more Army Corps” and “Larry are you listening?” Joanne Pilgrim
About 100 surfers turned up at South Edison beach for the paddle out protest Sunday morning.Janis Hewitt
The surfers, and a couple of dogs, lined up before heading into the ocean.Janis Hewitt
Joanne Pilgrim
Sarah Conway, one of the three protestors arrested on Friday morning, laying down on the sand, again.Joanne Pilgrim
Sarah Conway joined the other two others arrested Friday, Tom LaGrassa, left, and James Katsipis, right, who participated in the paddle out. Janis Hewitt
The surfers took their boards into the water.Janis Hewitt
Janis Hewitt
Surfers in the water and supporters on the sand formed a symbolic “line of defense” in protest of the Montauk beach project.Joanne Pilgrim
A crowd of several hundred stood by on the beach as the surfers hit the water.Joanne Pilgrim

Contractors for the Army Corps of Engineers at work this week on the downtown Montauk beach. T.E. McMorrow