A new commuter train service planned to be in place by late next winter would add eastbound trains on the East End in the morning and extra westbound trains in the afternoon in the hope of alleviating some of the traffic caused by the daily “trade parade.” Durell Godfrey

Musket balls, oil lamp found amid spoils in Sag
The pieces of history that turned up on Havens Beach included a musket ball, an oil lamp, and a coin minted in 1875. Jean Held

Dem primary, G.O.P. candidate, Indy curveball
Three who would be town councilman: David Gruber, left, Manny Vilar, center, and David Lys. Mr. Gruber plans to challenge Mr. Lys, an appointed councilman, in a Democratic primary in September. He also has support from the East Hampton Independence Party. Mr. Vilar is the Republicans’ choice. Durell Godfrey Photos

Four million pounds in 12 years: the amazing adventures of a king of scrap
Von Strauss has hauled more than four million pounds of scrap iron, steel, and castoff appliances to salvage yards like this one, the Gershow Recycling Center in Medford. Courtesy of Metal Man

Two Springs moms introduce 3 Moms Organics repellents
The dining table doubles as an assembly line for Lisa-Jae Eggert, left, and Jennifer Decker of 3 Moms Organics, who mix, fill, and label every bottle of their TickWise Protector repellent themselves. Carissa Katz
Hot off the kitchen stove: TickStick from 3 Moms Organics is made from coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, and a blend of essential oils meant to ward off ticks and other biting insects.Carissa Katz

For Bragman, Lys, too many questions; others say climate suffers with delay

The Sagaponack Village code allows for deer fences on agricultural properties, but some say they can interrupt scenic vistas. The village board is mulling how to reconcile the conflict. David E. Rattray

Carrie Salvi

Packages have piled up outside the Montauk Post Office, as the Postal Service works to "align resources" to assist the office with the massive seasonal increase in package volume.