In historic landmarks, ‘doodles, initials, scratchings’ remain
In 1960, as the Winterthur Museum celebrated the opening of its Dominy clock and furniture shop recreations, N.N. Tiffany, left, and Richard A. Corwin, officers of the East Hampton Historical Society, admired a painting of the old Dominy house on North Main Street, with the shops on either side. The painting, part of a mural created for Winterthur's then-new South Wing, was lost when the wing was demolished some years ago. East Hampton Historical Society
These two millstones, now in the collection of Charles Keller and Glenn Purcell, formed the front doorsteps of the Dominy house. East Hampton Historical Society
Dudley Roberts Jr. saved the Dominy shops from the wrecker's ball and had them joined together to form a gentleman's retreat on the dunes off Further Lane. The woodworking shop was fitted around the clock shop, whose exterior shingles can be seen within it. The furniture in this 2006 photo was Chris Browne's. East Hampton Historical Society
A late 19th-century view of the Dominy clock shop interior. By then the family had long ceased clockmaking; these clocks would have been awaiting repair. The photograph shows the original 1798 lathe, tools and tool shelves, and wood shutters to bar the door at night. In Winterthur's recreation, part of the wooden wall over the lathe was eliminated to let visitors peer in.Historical American Buildings Survey

Cuomo gives agency new power on limits
A decline in horseshoe crab numbers has spurred calls for greater protection of the ancient species. Thomas E. Mahnken Jr.

School paperwork left languishing at post office
The East Hampton Post Office Christine Sampson

With agency’s help, victims of domestic violence find strength to start over

Laurie Cancellieri said a memorial plaque in honor of her son on a teak bench at Ditch Plain Beach went missing. Janis Hewitt

“It’s quite simple, and it matches the kind of unadorned, unpretentious look that Ashawagh Hall has,”
Phyllis Kriegel, left, who underwrote a landscaping project around Ashawagh Hall in Springs, surveyed a tricolor beech tree that was planted with Marybeth Lee, center, who designed and did the plantings, and Loring Bolger, right, of the Springs Improvement Society, with her dog Jessie. Morgan McGivern

Adventures from faraway places and souvenirs worthy of show-and-tell
Robin Gianis, an art teacher at Bridgehampton School, paused for a picture with her daughter Phoebe at Ngorongoro Caldera in Tanzania, where their family spent two weeks learning about the culture, landscapes, animals, and more. Nina Murial

Greg Unis, Brooke Shields, and David Kratz Durell Godfrey Photos
Emily Post
Annette and Matt Lauer
Claudette Darrell and Dawn Todd
Georgina Bloomberg and her son, Jasper Quintana
Jessica McDermott
The air-kissing friends Lee Fryd and Colleen Rein
Thomas Hill and Mimi Lang
Michael Bloomberg and Diana Taylor
Jackie Corso

A photograph taken Tuesday morning shows just some of what was left behind after a beach party on the west side of Navy Road. Phyllis Morgano
Later on Tuesday morning, East Hampton Town Marine Patrol visited the beach.Eileen Murphy
Crates, food, alcohol, a burning fire, and even a slip-and-slide were left behind at the beach after a big party.Phyllis Morgano
East Hampton Town police also visited the beach.James Katsipis

Paul Hansen