The Army Corps determined several years ago that the existing revetment under the lighthouse was deteriorating. Carissa Katz

Mecox Bay Dairy was among the purveyors at the Hayground School's farmers market. Durell Godfrey

Alex Weseley, left, and Hunter Medler came out the victors in Monday's do-over. Craig Macnaughton

On the list of items that can be recycled are laptops and desktop computers, monitors, printers, mobile and landline phones, copiers, cable and wiring, networking equipment, and power supplies. Carissa Katz

With the school's consent, Ross students organized a march and other gun-control efforts on Friday. Caleb Wright
Each grade's cultural history teacher led discussions related to the day's events.Caleb Wright
Ross students marched through the campus carrying signs they had made themselves.Caleb Wright

Town officials on Friday announced that they had revoked a license agreement with Fly Blade, which offers scheduled and charter helicopter flights to East Hampton Airport. Durell Godfrey

Town board ponders curfews, quotas, bans

Latino teens given voice in ‘Brave Journeys’
Erika Duncan, the founder of Herstory, which published “Brave Journeys,” hopes the collection of stories written by immigrant teens at Long Island high schools will become part of curriculums across the country. Amber Davis